Delhi city is famous for its nightclubs. You will get many nightclubs located in various parts of the city. Out of this, some of them are the reputed ones. You can get an excellent ambiance in these clubs. Let us find out some of the best night clubs in the city. Almost all the night clubs are located in the prime places of Delhi.

1. Kitty Su

Located in Connaught place, it is one of the best night clubs in Delhi. It holds a position among the top 100 night clubs in the world. It is the best place where the lonely birds can have some best times. You will find all the latest amenities in this club. It can be a great place to spend with family and friends.

2. Privee

It is another famous nightclub located in Connaught place. It has various Bollywood nights and other special nights. If you want, you can be a member of this club. If you are tired of working or need some change, you can come to this place. It has some renowned DJ’s who can give you the best music. You will feel like dancing after stepping into this club.

3. Toy Room

It is the famous nightclub in the city that is famous globally. It has branches in other countries of the world. The night club plays some hip hop songs for the dancers. It can be the best place for refreshment and enjoyment.

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