Delhi has provided us with a plethora of iconic & popular cafes, for which we are eternally grateful. From restaurants in the busy streets of popular Khan Market to the ones in the picturesque lanes of Champa Gali, this Delhi has it all.

Here are the top 3 cafes in Delhi

1. Big chill café- Khan Market, Delhi

This cafe, which has been serving Italian delicacies since the beginning of time, doesn’t need any an intro anymore, do it Delhiites? The Big Chill Cafe, which boasts the most upbeat vintage atmosphere we’ve ever encountered, has been the go-to hangout area since it first opened its doors all of those years ago. Spaghetti with Vodka, All Veggie Pizza, and, of course, the exquisite Pizza Rolls are some of the favorite dishes from this establishment.

2. Ricos- GTB Nagar & Kamla Nagar, Delhi

Ricos is one of our favorite secret spots in the city, rewarding us with a plethora of delicious cuisine ranging from Mexican to Italian to Mexican. They have amazingly wooden furniture and graffiti that is perfect for taking pictures with your friends. Eat their Vegetable Cheese Burst, Italian Florentine, Farmer John Burger, & Vegetarian Lasagna while you’re there because you’ll enjoy them!

3. Big Yellow Door- GTB Nagar, Dwarka, Vijay Nagar, Delhi

We couldn’t resist including BYD on this list because it’s the ideal stop for students looking for a full dinner on their way to or from school. They serve some of the most bizarre dishes ever created, all of which you really must taste.

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