The cuisines served by a vegetarian restaurant in Delhi give the perfect blend of all cultures and tastes. The state has been a living star for decades with its myriad cuisines and infinite ingredients, as well as exotic flavours and delicacies. From preserving age-old traditional cooking secrets to arrogant innovators of exquisite signature cuisine, this vibrant city has always attracted food lovers from far and wide. However, it is popular for vegetarians for its wide options for mouth-watering food links.

Here we have listed some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Delhi that you must visit.

1. Veg Gulati

Veg Gulati has numerous branches in the different cities of India. This restaurant in Delhi is popular for its vegetarian’s delight. Gulati is among the trusted and oldest names of the city. This popular veg restaurant serves North Indian cuisine in its style. It is situated at Pandara Road Market, New Delhi.

2. Kake Di Hatti

Old Delhi based Kake Di Hatti is the sore place for food lovers as it offers Punjabi cuisine, hundred varieties of Paranthas, ChholeBhatures, and Kulchas at affordable cost. It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Delhi, situated in GaliBatashan near Fatepuri Chowk.

3. Chache Di Hatti

This restaurant is one of the most leading food joints of Delhi University’s North Campus. Chache Di Hatti is known for its equally filling and tastier ChholeBhatures. Situated in Kamala Nagar, this place is easily approachable due to its taste and fame. So, what are you waiting for? Go and try.

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