10 Best Electric Kettles In India 2023 [For Hot Water, Beverages and More]

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee or tea in the morning and having a sip can get you energy to spend the whole day with no fatigue. It would be hard to ignore the fact that Indians are fond of tea and it can’t be replaced by any other hot beverage.

Making a delicious cup of tea can take plenty of time and resources. You need a pan, gas stove, tea ingredients and plenty of time. No doubt you won’t be having any problem when you are making tea at home, but what about remote locations with no proper kitchen?

Usually, most small businesses dealt with this issue, everyone found an effective solution to this hitherto daunting problem, an electric kettle. Simply putting hot water inside the electric kettle, putting all the ingredients, and turning on the power is enough to get your tea.

In recent years, electric kettles in India gained a huge demand, and we have discussed the reason earlier. There are many benefits offered by an electric kettle like faster heating, portable design, ease to use and much more.

The functionality is impressive enough to grab anyone’s attention and it can be fit inside a small bag also. Many people choose to keep their electric kettle in the office so that they can have a perfect cup of tea or coffee within a couple of minutes.

The easy and simple design is the primary reason behind the increase in the sale of an electric kettle. However, do you know that all-electric kettles aren’t made the same way, and you can find plenty of differences in each one even the claims are similar looking?

The reason is, manufacturer trick people to buy their product showing the positive side only. There are many ways they can compromise on parts and still sell you the product. To never get into such traps, we made a list of the top 10 best selling electric kettles in India.

Best Buy Electric Kettles In India

If a product is perfect for every kind of use and has all the necessary features even for a lower price, we think that such products deserve to be here. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at the best options –

1. Stovekraft Swell Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Stovekraft Swell Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

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Pigeon is a popular kitchen appliance and crockery brand, and it was established in 1978. An old brand with a prominent name in the market is always better to prefer and choosing Pigeon by Stovekraft Swell Electric Kettle will perfectly suit all your need. This electric kettle is specially designed to provide you with hot boiling water within minutes.

Coming to the design part, this electric kettle has one of the simple, but eye-catchy design. You can heat water at a faster rate with the fast heating coils, which take less than three minutes. The temperature is always precise, and this kettle provides you with a good-to-go coffee every morning.

From heating water to make hot beverages, this kettle can perfectly suit all your need because you can easily wash it. There is a light indicator offered to let you know when the electric kettle is turned on and heating the water. The second thing you will love about this product is its stainless steel design.

You can choose between four different size options and all of them have the same design. With the increase in capacity, you might think about poor heating speed. Instead, Pigeon is putting large heating coils in such models to make them perfect for heating precisely and with the same speed.

Pros –

  • The build is solid and ensures long durability due to the stainless steel body.
  • This electric kettle offers a premium in-hand feel and an aesthetic look.
  • You can choose between four different size options for high-speed heating.
  • Take less than 3 minutes to heat water to its boiling temperature.
  • It has an auto turn on and off feature to prevent any accident.

Cons –

  • No cons reported till now.

2. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle

Butterfly Stainless Steel Water Kettle

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If you want to go with similar functionality, excellent design as the previous product but want an affordable price point, then going with Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle will be a perfect choice. This electric kettle has three main things which grab the attention of almost every buyer.

The capacity you are getting for the lower price point is 1.5 litres. No other product offers high capacity within this low price point, and all the reviews are still positive regarding this electric kettle. From heating water to making tea, coffee and any other hot beverage, this electric kettle is not going to disappoint you.

The build is sturdy, and there is a large handle to provide you with the perfect grip. You can place this electric kettle on the mount, and it will start heating water. The silver and black colour of this electric kettle also look good enough to suit any kitchen without any problem at all.

However, there are some compromises made by the kettle maker to offer this electric kettle for such a low price point. This kettle has a slow heating mechanism which might take 5 to 6 minute to heat at boiling temperature. The second issue regarding this product is the auto turn off feature which doesn’t work during our use.

Pros –

  • The build for such a low price point is good enough for an electric kettle.
  • Provides an amazing capacity with a sturdy build.
  • There is an auto turn off the feature to prevent any kind of accident.
  • The durability of this electric kettle is great, as per most reviews.

Cons –

  • The slow heating mechanism might be an issue for a few buyers.

3. Kitchoff Stainless Steel Electric Kettle (Automatic)

Kitchoff Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

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A product that offers excellent capacity within the starting price range is Kitchoff Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle. This electric kettle is one of the most simple option among all the others due to its unique look. Probably, you have seen this electric kettle circulating in many cities.

The primary reason behind choosing this electric kettle for the third spot is the genuine build quality for the affordable price point. Getting an electric kettle for such a low price point is tough, and you are also getting additional feature. There is an LED light to help you know when this electric kettle is heating.

The second thing is, you can find the turn on and off switch on the top of this electric kettle which provides you ease while using it. Apart from the design and functionality, there is an important, and it is heating speed. This electric kettle has one of the fastest heating element, which gives you hot water within few minutes.

However, the large capacity makes this electric kettle stay behind because it has to heat about 1.8 litres of water. Heating this much water inside the electric kettle will take time. The drawback that you might notice regarding this product is the warranty, otherwise, everything seems to fall in the positive category.

Pros –

  • The capacity is impressive enough to get you all the work done.
  • Turn on and off switch is at the top of the handle which makes things easier.
  • The heating element is fast and provides you with hot boiling water within seconds.
  • There are many capacity options available that you can choose from during purchase time.

Cons –

  • There is no warranty offered by the manufacturer.

4. Prestige PKOSS 1.8-Litre Electric Kettle (1500W)

Prestige PKOSS 1.8-Litre Electric Kettle

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Among the top kitchen appliances brands in India, Prestige has a remarkable name due to its highly durable products. All the products from this brand serve a great role in making an Indian kitchen complete. So, going with Prestige PKOSS 1.8-Litre 1500W Electric Kettle won’t be a big deal to most of the buyers.

The first thing that you will love about this electric kettle is its design. The simple but aesthetic looks make this kettle impressive-looking inside the kitchen. Even, you can place this kettle on your desk, and you can use it while heating water. The heating element used inside this kettle can reach maximum temperature within seconds and provides boiling water within minutes.

The smart design ensures that if the kettle is turned on for a long period, then it will turn off automatically to avoid boiling the water for a longer period. The second thing which catches attention is positive reviews. Most of the buyers have a positive opinion regarding this electric kettle and you might not find any major flaw.

However, this low price premium electric kettle has one flaw which might make you avoid this purchase. If you want to use this kettle to boil milk instead of water, or you want to make hot beverages, then this might seem like a bad option. You can’t pour milk inside this kettle due to the inner coating of the kettle.

Pros –

  • Provides a great capacity of 1.8 litres to boil water.
  • It has a 1500 watt heating coil that can boil water within minutes.
  • The outsider body is made of stainless steel, and it provides great durability.
  • The manufacturer is offering three years of warranty on this product.

Cons –

  • You can’t heat milk inside this electric kettle.

5. KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle (2000W)

KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle

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Kent is an industry-leading brand in the water purifier category, and this brand has many milestones in offering the perfect quality so far. Buying KENT 2000 W Elegant Electric Glass Kettle will be an easy choice due to the after-sale services of this manufacturer. However, we found many other qualities which can make you choose this brand.

First of all, this electric kettle as impressive as its name. The design of the kettle is elegant because it is made of glass. The lower part of the kettle has a heating element, and it is equipped with 2000 watt heating element. This kettle will consume high power, but it will offer you boiling water in less than two minutes.

The second thing that we found impressive is its build quality. Even the glass is fragile, the in-hand feel of this electric kettle is on point, and it will provide you with the best usability so far. If you want to use this kettle for heating water, making tea and such other purpose, then this product isn’t going to disappoint you at all.

All the features and functionality is intact, which make this kettle great to choose from. The glass is fragile, and it might break even with a simple fall. The second thing is, this kettle also comes with an expensive point which might be an issue while choosing this kettle.

Pros – 

  • This electric kettle has one of the best-looking design over the other ones.
  • This kettle heats water with a 2000 watt coil and it is fast.
  • This kettle comes with three years of warranty from the date of purchase.
  • It has an auto turn off the feature to prevent you from any kind of accident.

Cons –

  • The glass kettle is fragile and it is easy to break. The glass part is also not coming with any warranty.

6. Pigeon Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Pigeon Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

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Pigeon is back is the list with its high capacity option and it is a great electric kettle that can provide the best use so far. This kettle offers a capacity of 1.5 litres and it will certainly suit almost every job that you want. It has a fast heating mechanism which provides you with hot boiling water within two minutes.

There are many other size options offered in the same. The reason behind choosing this product is its elegant design which can provide you with the best use. The black and silver design is eye-catchy and it is loved by most of the buyers. You can check out reviews regarding this product and chances are higher that it won’t disappoint you.

If you look for other factors such as the build quality, the stainless-steel body ensure that you get the best durability. So far, this product is highly durable and provides all the necessary features in one place. Getting all the amazing benefits while using this kettle will be easy for most buyers.

However, we found that there are a few things that might make you avoid buying this kettle. The primary factor is its expensive price tag. This kettle is made of premium material and it will cost you a way higher price than the other options.

Pros –

  • The build is solid as it is made of stainless steel material.
  • The heating coil is fast and it gives you boiling water in under two minutes.
  • The design is simple yet it is one of the most attractive among others.
  • The ability to travel with this small design makes it reliable.

Cons –

  • It has a slightly expensive price tag for the 1.5-litre capacity and you can find a similar option for a way lower price point.

7. Cello Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Cello Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

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Cello might not be as popular as the other brands but Cello was one of the top brands in India in a wide range of product segment. From manufacturing adhesive tape to tiffin box, Cello is not staying behind and competing well against many brands. So, if you want to go with a top-quality product, then cello might be a great option for you.

First of all, this electric kettle has a different design with excellent capacity to serve you the best purpose in daily life. Making coffee, tea and hot beverage seem easy while using this electric kettle which can make you have a perfect companion for every purpose. Most people love this kettle due to its brand credibility, excellent durability and other features.

The build quality is solid, and you can find that this kettle has many other things that can make you choose this product. The kettle is round and it offers all the necessary features in one place. This kettle has a power supply of 1000 watt to 1200 watt which might fall behind when you want to heat water at a faster speed.

Coming to the important part, is cello electric kettle great value for money? Considering all the necessary features, design, large size and other factors can ensure that this is a great deal for such a low price point. Choosing the Cello brand in 2021 won’t be a bad choice at all.

Pros –

  • The stainless steel has a line pattern to make it even looking.
  • The overall build quality for the price point is too good.
  • You can choose between plenty of capacity options.
  • The design is simple, and it has easy to use interface also.

Cons –

  • The appearance of this electric kettle is slightly outdated.

8. Kent Vogue Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Kent Vogue Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

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Buying stainless steel electric kettle is one of the best options to get a great value for money product. Stainless steel ensure higher durability and provides you with a good looking design at the same time. You can expect the same thing with Kent Vogue Electric Kettle and it will make you love the purchase for several reasons.

This time, Kent is offering one of the affordable and highly reliable deals in the stainless steel electric kettle category. The build quality and the overall finish of this kettle is worth praising. You are getting a capacity of 1.2 litres for the starter model and you can choose high-end models which are available with slightly better features and functionality.

The high-end model offers you a better capacity of 1.8 litres and both models have this feature of the auto turn off. This safety feature is necessary to prevent any mishap and it also ensures that the water doesn’t reach boiling temperature for too long. This functionality will ensure the best overall use.

If you are worried about satisfaction during use, then you can consider buying this electric kettle. The functionality is excellent and the heating time is also low.

Pros –

  • Heats water to boiling temperature at a faster rate.
  • The overall finish of this kettle is premium over the other products.
  • This kettle is available in two different size options to choose the right one.
  • It comes with ten days replacement policy and one year of warranty.

Cons – 

  • There are a few negative reviews regarding the durability which might be concerning.

9. La’ Forte Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

La' Forte Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

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In the affordable price category, you can find that electric kettles are similar looking and they have no certain difference except for the heating speed. Well, this product of choice will be good enough to impress you. La’ Forte Electric Kettle is a coloured electric kettle that is designed to meet the specific colour theme of your kitchen.

This kettle is made of premium material and the insider layer is of stainless steel. The outsider layer is PVC and it is not going to melt even at way high temperatures. The red colour of this electric kettle allows you to play with colour choices and try something new without spending much

The manufacturer is offering a long term warranty and the after-sale services of this brand are great. If you look forward to checking reviews, you can find this product highly reliable because of no durability related issues. The only problem we found with this kettle is slow heating which might make you spend few more minutes getting boiling water.

Pros –

  • This product offers an excellent and premium in-hand feel during use.
  • Turn on and off switch is easy to reach and provides a convenient experience.
  • The kettle is easy to wash and you can make any kind of hot beverage inside it.
  • The manufacturer is offering one year of warranty from the date of purchase.

Cons –

  • The after-sale services are concerning because claiming any part or repair can take plenty of time.

10. Lifelong Multifunction Cooker/Kettle

Lifelong Multifunction Cooker Kettle

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If you are bored reading about the electric kettle and want to go with a slightly different product for versatile use? Well, the selection of Lifelong Multifunction Cooker/Kettle will be a perfect choice. This product has the feature of faster heating and it can help you make noodles, tea, coffee, boil eggs, etc.

The use is not limited to this electric kettle and you can find many ways to prepare a proper meal. The size of this electric kettle is 1.5 litre and you can choose higher capacity options also. It is an easy to use kettle with auto-cut functionality, however, this auto cut feature is set to a very high level so that you can make other things in this kettle also.

The overall design is simple and the button to turn on and off this kettle is right above the handle. There is a small Led bulb which can help you know whether the kettle is turned on or not. If you want to get the best product for almost every purpose, then going with this electric kettle will be a great choice.

Pros –

  • The build quality of this electric kettle is solid and it offers a premium feel.
  • The overall functionality is perfect and it heats at a faster speed also.
  • The texture on the handle provides a better grip while holding the heavy kettle.
  • The auto turn off feature works perfectly and it always auto-cut at a precise temperature.

Cons –

  • Durability might be a major concern if you will be using the electric kettle very often.

How To Choose The Best Electric Kettles in India

An electric kettle serves an essential role in every Indian home and getting the right one is important to never face any problem. The immersive variety and the claims mentioned by the manufacturers might be misleading, and they can influence you to buy something that you don’t need. To eliminate this problem and understand the best electric kettle for your specific need, we created a well-explained electric kettle buying guide. Anyone with negligible knowledge about the parts, working and design of a kettle can find the below-given point helpful during the purchase time. Let’s take a deep dive –

1. Heating Speed

A great morning starts with a cup of tea or coffee. If you are an early rise and want your hot beverage as soon as possible, the heating speed should be at top of your priority list. Most electric kettles come with this feature to heat a mug of water within three to four minutes. These numbers are common with most electric kettles available in the market.

Whereas, some manufacturers claim to provide better heating speed and they can heat a mug of water within 90-100 seconds. The heating performance is better this time and you can expect better usability. You can look into the description of the product and find about the healing time required for water.

Different models have different features and compromising with the speed is all about your needs. If you usually need an electric kettle to heat water and you don’t have any urgency, then going with a lower speed won’t make any change to your decision. Even you will be paying less for the low power models.

2. Temperature Controls

Brewing tea or coffee at different temperatures gives a different taste and texture to the drinker. If you are craving for morning and it gets prepared within few minutes with the faster speed, you might lack such a marvellous taste. Indians have the habit of boiling the tea at a low temperature for few minutes to make it dense and yummy.

So, having temperature control would make a certain difference with precision. You can precisely adjust the temperature based on your specific needs. If your electric kettle offers a temperature below the boiling point, it will be providing all the required benefits for a delicious taste in your coffee and tea.

Going with a budget electric kettle will make you compromise on this important feature, and we wouldn’t be suggesting such options unless you want the electric kettle for versatility purpose, and it won’t be brewing tea or coffee on an often basis. Reading this point and understanding the need of choosing an electric kettle with temperature control will be adequate.

3. Size and Capacity

The simple way of looking at the size and capacity of an electric kettle is to understand that how much coffee or tea you make. If you usually prepare coffee for one, then a small-sized electric kettle will be enough in term of capacity. However, if you need an electric kettle for two or more people, then you can specifically point out the size requirement.

Most electric kettles available in the market are good enough to provide one little capacity, and it is enough for three people. However, if you want a higher size, there are particular size available in the same. Choosing a larger size is not a bad thing, but it will affect the heating speed, and it will consume more power.

The second factor is its overall size. If the size is large and doesn’t fit properly on a small countertop in your kitchen or workstation, then you might find this purchase impractical. The best solution in such a situation would be to choose electric kettles with more height instead of an extra radius. Checking the available space will be an important point in this search.

4. Budget

Electric kettles are available for a wide range of price point, and choosing the right budget can get you an incredible variety to choose from. The most reliable options come for the price point of 1200 rupees. However, you can go up to 10,000 rupees for some electric kettle models. The features will be the same, but there will be some add-one functionality.

You can choose a durable option above the price range of 1500 rupees, and most electric kettles coming for this price point will be serving the best purpose in all manners. The features like variable temperature control and faster heating come for at least 2500 rupees models, and it may go higher.

If you don’t have any problem with the budget, then going for an expensive electric kettle will be the perfect choice because it will have all the necessary features and great looks at the same time.

5. Smart Connect

Some specific electric kettles come with the smart feature to connect with your smart home hub and control through your smartphone. You might be wondering what’s the purpose of connecting your phone with the electric kettle?

Well, you get features like set heating time, off time, remote access to heat whenever you want and more. Putting some water inside the electric kettle at night before sleeping and setting the timer to start heating will be perfect for people who don’t get much time.

Even, these electric kettles have the feature to auto cut power when the temperature reaches the threshold. There are other features like heating time, temperature and many other things that make such products impressive.

6. Overall Appearance

Electric kettles are some of the common kitchen appliances that can make your kitchen look highly appealing. The credit goes to the stainless steel body and the aesthetic design. Such electric kettles have better design over the other options available in the market, and they will be the point of attention among most visitors.

There was a time when electric kettles were designed mainly for functionality purpose, but the focus has shifted in recent years. Manufacturers are making beautiful looking electric kettles to grab the attention of everyone. Even some people don’t need any electric kettle, but they would love to buy one for the eye-catchy design and finish.

7. Warranty

An electric kettle works on the principle of passing high voltage electricity through a less conductive material. When the current passes, it starts heating. These kettles have a small circuit board that mainly contain highly durable parts. However, electronic appliances can fail without any early warning, and it might be the primary reason to go with a product that comes with a warranty.

Most manufacturers in India are offering a warranty on electric kettles for at least three years. This long warranty is good enough to attract you to the product. Make sure that you also check out the after-sale services of the manufacturer to ensure that you are getting the best product of all kind. Checking reviews regarding the product is also a helpful measure.

Electric Kettles Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make Maggie & soup in my electric kettle?

Many college students make Maggie and soup in the electric kettle, and you should avoid this. It is not only difficult to remove the residue from the bottom, but the food particles also stick to the hot plate of the electric kettle. Apart from this, making instant noodles or any other thing in the electric kettle can void the warranty of the electric kettle. The better idea is to check the user guide and use the electric kettle only for the intended purpose.

  • Can an electric kettle make water fit for drinking?

It depends on what you are looking for. The electric kettle boils the water, and hence you get rid of any pathogens in the water; however, if the water is murky or has solid impurities, then the electric kettle is not for you. In most cases, the electric kettles are good enough for making the tap water fit for drinking as it boils the water. You should let the water boil for a few minutes before turning off the heat.

  • How to get rid of deposits on an electric kettle?

The continuous use of the electric kettle for a long time could lead to deposits or scales on the electric kettle. You can add vinegar to the water and leave it in your electric kettle for 30 minutes to remove these deposits. Now, boil this mixture and leave it for another 30 minutes. This will remove the scale. You can drain the water and scrub the inside area of the kettle. Once again, wash it with plain water, and you will notice that your electric kettle is free from deposits.

  • Can I clean the electric kettle with liquid soap?

You can use the liquid soap on the outside of the kettle, but you need to be careful that the water doesn’t enter the housing of the electrical components on the kettle. You should not soak the electric kettle in the water and instead use a damp cloth with liquid detergents. On the inside, it is better to use vinegar solution as that helps in descaling the kettle as well. Ideally, you should avoid cleaning the interior side of the electric kettle with liquid soap, but even if you do, there is no such problem with that.

  • Would I be allowed to carry an electric kettle in a hostel?

This is a very subjective question, and we can’t really answer this for you. Some hostels allow you to carry the electric kettle, while many hostels do not allow you to carry the electric kettle. In such a case, you should check the rules and regulations associated with your hostel to get the correct answer and avoid getting into any trouble for carrying the electric kettle.

  • Does the electric kettle have an auto-shut feature?

Yes, every electric kettle comes with a thermostat that shuts off the heating element once the desired temperature has been reached. This keeps toggling the heat on & off, and it also acts as a safety feature. Many kettles come with a different kind of assembly. In those, the electric kettle shuts down itself, and if you want to heat the water again, you would have to turn on the electric kettle switch again.

The Final Verdict

Buying a well-made electric kettle from a top manufacturer will be the perfect choice among most buyers. While comparing the top options we mentioned, checking key functionality, features, and reviews will play an essential role in digging deep and finding the perfect electric kettle. We hope that you have a great shopping experience while choosing the perfect electric kettle.

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