What is an Electric Kettle? How does it work?

An electric kettle is one of the most common and widely used electric appliances in the world. You will be able to find one in almost all kitchens. They are easy to use the appliance for heating water or other liquids. In the earlier days, the first kind of kettles that were available in the market were the normal kettles. You can directly place them on the stove, and then the fire will start heating the kettle. But now technology has changed everything. You just need to plug the kettle into an electric socket and switch it on. It is going to take care of the best.

Just like the name suggests, electric kettles work with the help of electricity. They come with a heating element, and with the help of that element, the rest of the process is done. You will be able to find several different models of electric kettles in the present market. They have a heating element inside, and that will help in heating the water or liquid in the kettle. Some of them have to be operated manually, while some of them come with an auto-shutoff feature so that the kettle automatically shuts off when the liquids inside the kettle reach a certain temperature. This way you will be able to save a lot.

What is an Electric Kettle

There are so many advantages that you will be able to enjoy when you are having an electric kettle at home. For any hot beverage like tea or coffee, you will have to boil them at different temperatures to get the best taste. So that can be possible if you are having an electric kettle at home. You can enjoy a good hot beverage. When compared to electric stovetops, an electric kettle is highly energy efficient. You will be able to save almost 80 percent of energy with the help of an electric kettle. It is a very safer option to use. It comes with an auto-shutoff option. It shuts off automatically when the boiling process is completed, which is not possible with the stovetops. Along with all this, you will also be able to save a lot of time as well. It will take very little time for the liquids to boil. So, it is very beneficial to have an electric kettle at home. You will be able to save both time and money as well.

How does an electric kettle work?

Before they start using, many people wish to know about how does an electric kettle work. Not many people are aware of how an electric kettle works. So, if you are also interested in knowing about how does an electric kettle works, then here is some very useful information for you.

An electric kettle is a single-piece unit, but it comes with two different parts. Only when two parts of the kettle are working together you will be able to get the desired results or output. The two main parts of the electric kettle are the Heating element and the Thermostat.

The electric kettles that were available at the very beginning were quite different from those that are available these days. Earlier kettles have the body with the only heating element. You will have to operate it manually, like switching it on and off. But you no longer have to do all that. The kettles that are available in the present days are completely automatic.

The first part, the heating element, is the most important part. Without a heating element, an electric kettle is completely useless for you. It is a resistor, and that will help in resisting the electricity flow. And this is going to help in heating. That means it is the heating element that is going to change the electricity into heat, and this heat will help in the boiling of the liquids that you pour into the electric kettle. The second part of the electric kettle is the Thermostat. This part is available only for the latest electric kettles. The Thermostat will help in controlling or regulating the heating element. As the Thermostat can help in controlling the heating element, the kettle will be switched off automatically when the temperature of the heating element reaches certain levels.

As we already discussed, the heating element is connected to Thermostat, and this comes with a resistor inside it. When the temperature is set for the kettle, the Thermostat will be able to control it. The resistance of the resistor is going to be low when the temperature is high and when the temperature is low, the resistance is going to be high for the resistor in the kettle. So this is how the temperature of the kettle is controlled. The process of working is very simple, and it is a very useful appliance in any house.

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