Best Keyboard Pianos Under 5000 Rs. in India

Piano Keyboards are musical instruments that look like a smaller version of pianos. They have 30 to 60 keys in them, which, when pressed, created beautiful tunes. However, you will have to learn how to play this instrument with practice over time. We have also seen that Piano Keyboards prove to be stepping stones for kids towards their musical journey. As they keep learning, they also spend less time in front of television and computer screens. In the longer run, this is good for their vision and mental health. Once they are done learning the Piano Keyboard, they can simply switch to some other instrument to expand the number of instruments they can handle.

Generally, Piano Keyboards are either electricity operated or battery operated. So you will have to have a power outlet near you if you choose the electrical Piano Keyboards. However, with the ones that run on the battery, you will only need to charge them occasionally. If you are someone who is not able to find good quality and long-lasting Piano Keyboards, we are here to bring you seven different options. All of these seven Piano Keyboards are popular in India and will be loved by many people. We have also discussed many of their pros and cons.

Best Selling Keyboard Pianos Below 5000 INR

If you want to have the best Piano Keyboard, make sure you do not forget to go through them. Let us discuss all these seven Piano Keyboards now…

1. Casio Musical Keyboard Piano

Casio Musical Keyboard Piano

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First up, the Casio Musical Keyboard piano is going to be discussed here. The mainframe of the keyboard is made using the classic black color. However, its base has a funky green color. This combination of colors is very modern and will set your keyboard piano apart from the others. There are 32 keys in this piano, which has mini sizes. This is the reason why it is effortless to move your fingers along them. You can play 50 rhythms and 100 tones easily with this instrument. The incredible variety of tones in the piano is one reason why many professional musicians love using it a lot. It also has a small LCD using which you can select from many music options quickly. All in all, this keyboard piano is enjoyable and easy to operate.


  • There are ten pre-fed songs in this keyboard piano, which you can play during break sessions.
  • The switching between the organ tone and piano is extremely easy.
  • You can also connect headphones to this Keyboard Piano as it has a headphone output.


  • We do not have the cons of this Keyboard Piano by Casio.

2. RockJam 61-Key Keyboard Piano

RockJam 61-Key Keyboard Piano

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This highly portable piano with 61 keys is brought to you by RockJam. For using it, you will need access to an electrical outlet. The best part is that it will help you play almost 200 tones and rhythms. With the instrument, you will also receive a sheet music stand where you can easily place the information about tunes and songs. There are 40 demo songs in the instrument which are very soothing in the ears. This amazing Keyboard Piano will help you is stretching your music creativity very far. If you practice your skills regularly, you will hone the skills of playing Keyboard Pianos. If you ever wish to use this Keyboard Piano without any distractions, you can use the headphone jack. No matter where you will use this Keyboard Piano, you will impress everyone with its sound quality and other unique features.


  • All the features in this Keyboard Piano are exceptionally premium.
  • The instrument has a microphone input using which you can sing along.
  • The LED on the keyboard is of very high quality. You will get stickers for keys for better identification.


  • Some buyers received defected Keyboard Piano when they ordered it online.

3. Yamaha Remie PSS-E30 Keyboard Piano

Yamaha Remie PSS-E30 Keyboard Piano

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The Yamaha Remie Keyboard Piano is one of the most famous Keyboard Pianos in the country. No wonder you can trust it entirely for its sound quality and performance. Many of its previous buyers have also claimed that it will last long years without developing any defects in its functioning. What more can one think of in a Keyboard Piano? It has 37 keys, which are very easy to control with the fingers of two hands. We often come across black Keyboard Pianos; however, this one has a grey design that truly sets it apart. There are 30 onboard songs in this instrument and a total of 74 sound effects. You will also get a digital sound book free of cost with the product. Isn’t that amazing? Other unique features of the piano include the provision of a headphone jack and its battery operation.


  • This Keyboard Piano by Yamaha does not need electricity to help you play music.
  • It comes with a free digital sound book that you can use to learn new piano playing skills.
  • Its grey design is unique, and many buyers loved it.


  • This is a mini Keyboard Piano, and we have generally seen people want to have Keyboard Pianos with more significant dimensions.

4. JUAREZ Octavé JRK660 61-Key Electronic Teaching Keyboard Piano


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If you are a beginner and looking for the best keyboard piano for beginners then JUAREZ Octave could be your choice. For most of the users this piano keyboard brand is new but the overall rating and reviews of the keyboard piano is good. 

This 61 electronic piano keyboard is well equipped with built-in-full-range stereo speakers and a music sheet stand holder. The each keyboard features 200 rhythms, 200 Timbres, 40 demo songs, Rhythm Programming Function and volume or tempo control.

It has many more feature such as fingered chord, one key touching function, ensemble function and record and playback mode. This record and playback mode will help you to improve your performance as you can evaluate your performance by recording your piano practice.


  • Material quality of the keyboard piano is good.
  • Competitive price
  • Many functions in this price range of keyboard piano.
  • 1 Year warranty.
  • Record & Playback mode to improve performance.
  • Music sheet stand holder
  • LED Display to practice late in light


  • Made in china product.
  • Perfect for beginners not for the pro-users.

5. Casio SA-78 Keyboard Piano

Casio SA-78 Keyboard Piano

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We have now come up with another Keyboard Piano by Casio. Casio is a well-known brand in India when it comes to digital and electrical musical instruments. With Casio, you can be extremely sure about the quality of the Keyboard Piano that you wish to purchase. There are 44 keys in this fabulous Keyboard Piano, which are all mini-sized. They are specially designed for little fingers and are hence exceptionally suitable for kids. If you buy this for your child, he/she will develop talent in music at a very young age. All the keys will be comfortable with their fingers in all situations, and they will love playing this instrument all day long. The LCD is very clear and easy to grab information from. You will get a free adapter with this Keyboard Piano so that you are able to charge the piano no matter where you are and continue playing it.


  • Like many other Keyboard Pianos, you can connect headphones with this piano as well.
  • It is easy to handle instrument that is perfectly built in Japan.
  • The pink base of the Keyboard Piano makes it extremely good looking.


  • This piano is a better instrument for kids than it is for adults.

How to Choose The Best Keyboard Piano in India

If you want to learn to play the piano, keyboard pianos are the best option to start with. But if you are not experienced in playing pianos, then you may feel difficult to choose the right keyboard piano for you. While purchasing a keyboard piano, you will need to check many things to find the one that suits your needs. So, check these points below to ease your task. 

  • Sound Quality: 

The sound quality of the piano keyboard is the first thing that you need to check to ensure that you will enjoy playing the instrument. Literally, this depends on the choice of the player. Some people like a softer sound while others look for a brighter sound. So the piano that has your preferred sound with excellent quality is a good option to select. You can also ask a professional piano player about the sound quality of a piano to get the right one for you. 

  • Computer Connectivity: 

The keyboard pianos with computer connectivity options allow users to create their music with composition programs on the computer. If you want to do something like that with your keyboard piano, then you can check this point before buying it. Also, you may not need to upgrade your keyboard piano if you have such an instrument with you. 

  • The number of keys: 

The number of keys is also an important point to consider whether you are a beginner or experienced piano player. Keyboard pianos can have a number of keys between 25 and 88. So those who want more options and flexibility in playing the piano should go for pianos with more keys. However, beginners can select a piano with fewer keys for learning purposes. But that doesn’t mean that you will opt for the lowest number of keys available. As a beginner, you should choose a piano between 50 and 70 keys to learning the instrument perfectly. 

  • Brand: 

Choosing a keyboard piano from a reputed brand is good to ensure better construction and performance. Usually, the pianos of popular brands are preferred because they provide value for money. They provide excellent quality products and after-sale service at affordable prices. Some brands like Yamaha, Casio are very popular for piano keyboards and provide the best quality products to take your music experience to the next level. 

  • Quality And Efficiency Of Keys: 

Checking the quality of keys is also essential to make sure that they will feel smooth to your hand and enhance your overall experience. The keys should be crack free and easy to press. They should have proper cushioning to let you enjoy playing the instrument. 

Apart from that, they should be efficient and respond properly when you press them. Usually, it depends on the resistance of the keys. The keys that have low resistance commonly require more pressure to operate and vice versa. 

  • Warranty: 

If the keyboard piano comes with a warranty, then you can easily imagine the lifetime of the instrument. It is also an important thing to check before buying the piano to ensure proper usability. So, don’t forget to check the warranty period and what it covers before buying the instrument. Commonly a warranty period of 1 to 2 years is good to opt for. Also, some reputed brands provide up to a 3-year warranty to improve the user experience.

Keyboard Pianos Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it hard to learn piano?

Playing the piano is not easy as well as other musical instruments. To learn the keyboard you have to practice is a must. You have to invest time in piano classes and it takes a great effort of you. Your mindset Is also important. It is easier to learn pianos for those who love the piano. In today’s digital world you can learn piano at home by joining online classes available on the internet. Different types of skills exist in the piano you can choose any of them. Some people give up the journey of music just because they are bored of practicing again and again but in the music industry patience is the most important factor

  1. How much costly a keyboard piano is?

Keyboard pianos are available at a huge range of prices. If you want to be an artist never buy a cheap piano, they do not give good music along they do not look nice. If there is not any problem is regarding the budget then you should buy the Ronald pianos, this is expensive but gives great music. The keys of the piano are the most important because the price depends mainly on them. Keyboards are also available in a wide variety.

  1. After How many times, should my piano be tuned?

Tuning of the piano is also a type of maintenance. This is an extremely important thing for professional pianists. Every standard piano must be tuned twice or thrice in the year, for getting a piece of standard music from them. Pianist tunes their new piano four times in the year for matching their tune. Always tune your piano from a professional person, who is well qualified in the field of music. This helps the buyer avoid future repairs of the piano. Thus, tuning of the piano is a must for new pianists.

  1. Do pianos come with a warranty?

Yes, almost all new musical instruments including the piano come with a warranty given by the manufacturer. Normally 5 to 10 years warranty is given by the manufacturer on the new piano. Small brands also give a warranty with their product however the warranty period will decrease sometime from 1 to 2 years. If you buy a piano from a good brand like Bösendorfer then you do not need a guarantee because they present extremely nice quality in their product.


There are many Piano Keyboards that you can easily find it in the market. However, you will not be able to find the most qualitative one as local Piano Keyboards do not last for more than one year. We will hence suggest you go with the Piano Keyboard that is from reputed brands. This is also the reason why we only chose the most popular brands of these musical instruments to prepare our list.

Make sure you read and learn every detail about them and see if they will suffice your requirements or not. We hope you find your Piano Keyboard soon.

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