Best Air Fryers Under 5000 Rs. In India

An air fryer is mostly used to have fried and crispy foods without the requirement of a tremendous amount of oil. Generally, crispy meals are prepared with the use of a cooking technique called deep frying. In deep frying, a lot of oil is used, and that increases the number of calories. In turn, when you consume huge amounts of such foods, you are likely to gain at least some weight in your body. Hence, deep-fried foods are never considered healthy. All they do is make your body feel exhausted and store the fat in them in your body cells. Consequently, people start sticking to avoiding such foods to lead a healthy lifestyle. In India, there is a wide variety of foods that are prepared only using the deep-fried method.

From our jalebis to samosas, everything is deep-fried. Even when such foods are unhealthy, sometimes we just cannot ignore our cravings for deep-fried foods. They are delicious because they are crispy, and such texture is something that many people enjoy. In such situations, you can always take the help of an air fryer. Using these appliances, you will only require little to no oil. Today, we have brought you ten best selling air fryers in India that are incredibly affordable. All their prices lie below Rs. 5000. Since air fryers are costly, many people avoid purchasing them.

Best Selling Air Fryers Below 5000 INR

However, that is not happening with the ones that we have brought here. All their specific details are discussed below:

1. Inalsa Air Fryer

Inalsa Air Fryer

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This fully adjustable air fryer is from the brand Inalsa. It consumes 1200 watts of energy and is suitable for frying many different types of snacks. The air technology used in the making of this appliance is exceptionally rapid. Thus, you will always get your food as soon as possible when you let it cook inside this crispy-fry air fryer. It is available in black color, and hence you won’t have to be worried about its color getting pale or dull day by day. With a capacity of 2.3 Liters, and you can use it as per your liking throughout the day. The heat that revolves inside it is always constant circulation, enabling the food to get cooked and crispy evenly. Also, you do not have to preheat it before each use. This air fryer is an economical pavement towards a healthier diet for sure.


  • It takes a very short time to get hot evenly.
  • When compared to conventional cooking processes, the cooking of food in this appliance is faster.
  • Its basket has a nonstick coating, so you will not have any problems while cleaning and washing it.


  • We did not find any cons of this air fryer by Inalsa.

2. Prestige Air Fryer

Prestige Air Fryer

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Prestige is an extremely reputed brand in India. Hence you can trust their 1200 watt air fryer with closed eyes. Other than helping you eat crispy and healthy snacks, it is priced at a very affordable rate. And even after having amazing and unique features, it is still known to last many years without fail. The temperature and timer control in the appliance always let you cook food thoroughly and yet have the taste preserved. The handle of the basket does not get heated while the appliance is operating. Therefore, you will be able to hold it seconds after having your food cooked. We also love the overall shiny black design of this air fryer. It is undoubtedly a treat to eyes. Other than air frying, you can also use it for grilling and roasting purposes in your kitchen. Many consumers also like baking with it.


  • The frying tray that gets attached to the appliance is extremely robust and long-lasting.
  • All the features of the product are remarkable and unique.
  • The control knobs are straightforward to use at all times.


  • The temperature control feature of this air fryer still has some room for improvement.

3. Glen Air Fryer

Glen Air Fryer

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This air fryer by Glen is everything you have been looking for. Besides having a minimalist design, it is also known never to take the natural flavors of food away. However, its wattage is slightly higher than the air fryers mentioned above and is rated at 1350 Watts. But one crucial thing that we would like to say here is that you can fry your food in it without using even a single drop of oil. Even in the most advanced air fryers, the food needs a thin film of oil over them. That does not have to be done when you are using the Glen air fryer. Its mainframe is made using stainless steel, which is why it is effortless to maintain it for many years. It uses vapor steams in it so that food is crispier like never before when it comes out of it. The rapid heating technology incorporated in the product is also something to die for sure.


  • By using this air fryer, you will be able to reduce the oil consumption in your diet by almost 80%.
  • The frying in the appliance is quick, and the cleaning is easy.
  • It will let you have the crispy brown finish on many of your snacks without oil usage.


  • We did not find any cons of this air fryer by Glen.

4. STok Air Fryer

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Nothing can go wrong with the STok air fryer in your kitchen. When your kids ask for food, they mean that they want to have those unhealthy snacks, which are often cooked by deep frying in oil. In such situations, this affordable air fryer will help you a lot. With a double-layered grill and rapid technology, you will make different types of foods and snacks right at your homes. And let’s be honest – cooking food at home is healthier than buying the same foods from an eating outlet. Not just that, the food you cook in this air fryer will be almost free from oil. If that is not what you wish for, we hope you soon would. Rather than having basic colors like white or black, this air fryer has a red body. Therefore, for all the bright color lovers, this air fryer is going to woo them. But if you are not this person you can also choose from black or white color.


  • This appliance can be easily used as a gift. That is how qualitative it is.
  • The cooking time can work up to a duration of half an hour.
  • Its capacity is 2.6 liter, and it can heat up to 200 degrees Celsius.


  • The cleaning process of this product can prove to be a little difficult.

5. Agaro Air Fryer

Agaro Air Fryer

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Another black air fryer that we have brought you here on number five is by Agaro. The basket of this appliance fits so smoothly in the air fryer that you will never require any extra efforts. It has a wattage of 1300 Watts and will work in any place or city across India. Just make sure you control its temperature well, or else you will end up burning the food you put in it. With the capacity of 2.8 liters, the Agaro air fryer will fry food for the entire family very easily. It always heats uniformly so that food never remains uncooked. Consuming uncooked food will only make your guy have trouble in the digestion process. Hence, always check the food well for being evenly cooked before you eat it. But let us remind you – such checking is never required with this air fryer as it conveniently cooks food very well from all sides and corners.


  • This air fryer has 3D uniform heating technology, and the temperature control of the product is also very easy. It comes with a product warranty of 1 year.
  • The basket of the air fryer remains non-sticky at all times.
  • The power cord of this air fryer is also very long.


  • The flavor of some foods might get a little altered if you do not use this appliance carefully.

How to Choose The Best Air Fryers in India

The air fryers are a healthy approach to have fried food but buying the right one is important. Because they are completely new in the market, many people don’t know what exactly to look for while choosing an air fryer. However, here are some major things to check before buying it. 

Types Of Air Fryers: 

Although the working principle of all air fryers is the same, each type of air fryer has a different method to fry the food. Therefore, you need to consider the types of air fryers available in the market to choose the right type for you. 

Round Shape Air Fryers: 

These types of air fryers are the most common options in the market and easy to use. They come with useful features that let anyone cook with it efficiently. Usually, they have a digital display and include the required accessories for better usability. 

Halogen Air Fryers:

Halogen air fryers come with an oven-like heating element for operation. Also, it uses halogen bulbs for heating and a fan for circulating the heat. 

Paddle Air Fryers: 

This is the most basic air fryer for use. They come with a rotating paddle for mixing the ingredients, and the heat cooks the food. 

Oven Air Fryers: 

They are the new air fryers in the market. They also use a heating element and have a different style of the cooking surface to cook food. They come with horizontal racks to allow you to cook different food items at a time. Also, they come with extra accessories for efficient cooking.   

Safety Features: 

Safety is another important aspect to look for while buying an air fryer for your kitchen. Some safety features such as auto shutoff, cool touch body, and safety buttons are important to consider before selecting an air fryer for your cooking needs. 

Cleaning And Maintenance Requirements:

If you don’t want to clean the appliance by hand, then you can look for air fryers that are compatible with the dishwashers. Also, some air fryers are not ideal for cleaning in the dishwasher but easy to clean by hand. However, both types of appliances are easy to operate. This way, you can choose the convenient cleaning method for your use. 

Power Consumption:

Power consumption of the air fryer is one of the important things to take into consideration while buying an appliance for your use. If the air fryer consumes a high amount of power, then it will end up increasing your electricity bill. So you can look for an air fryer that consumes less power for operation. In general, the power consumption of air fryers ranges from 1000 to 1500 watts. 

Cooking Capacity: 

You can purchase a small or big air fryer by considering your family size. For small families and bachelors, air fryers with 1-liter capacity will be ideal. But for larger families, you have to opt for a higher capacity air fryer. Usually, air fryers are available from 1 liter to 16 liters so you can choose the right size for your family easily. 

Air Fryer Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are air fryers good? Do they poison the food?

Yes, air fryers are better than most of the other fryers as they require comparatively less oil or almost no oil for frying. At the same time, they do not use any chemicals or radiation for the frying purpose. Now, when it comes to safety, as of now, there is no proof that air fryers poison the food. In fact, air fryers are safer than a microwave oven and oil fryers as air is the oil medium used for frying the food.

2. Is there any food material that should be avoided loaded in an air fryer?

Yes, all the food is not suitable to be loaded in an air fryer. For example, cheese, batter, and semi-fluid food should never be loaded in an air fryer as they could block the circulation of air and this, in turn, could lead to accidents.

3. Air fryers that come under a price of INR 5000 are good?

Yes, most Indian households require only air fryers of a price of INR 5000 as they are smaller and compact. Apart from this, they also require limited features only. This does not mean that air fryers under INR 5000 are inferior, but, they lack advanced features and settings.

4. Shall I cover food in aluminum foil and load it in the air fryer for frying?

Yes, aluminum foil could be used inside an air fryer. However, it should be used in the right way. Most of the reputed brands recommend how to use aluminum foil in their air fryers in the right way. Follow the instruction carefully for efficient frying and to avoid accidents.

5. Is it possible to cook raw meat in an air fryer?

Yes, cooking meat in an air fryer is possible. However, the size of the meat load should not be too much and you should be careful that the meatloaf does not block the hot air circulation in the air fryer. Remember, if there is not adequate air circulation, the air fryer becomes inefficient and it could lead to accidents.

6. Do air fryers make food crispier?

Yes, like all the other types of fryers, air fryers could also make the food crispier. All you have to do is coat the food with a little bit of oil. You could use a silicone brush to apply some oil to the food.


So, these were all the ten air fryers that we could not wait to bring to our readers. Other than their special features, we have also tried to discuss many of their pros and cons. To know everything, you must read every little detail and avoid skimming. If there’s a particular air fryer that you like from here, you must also try reading their usage instructions and buyer’s reviews from the internet.

Trust us; we have only brought you the most affordable yet effective air fryers here in this list.

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