Best Microwave Oven Under 5000 Rs. In India

Are you looking forward to purchasing a new microwave for your kitchen? If yes, then you are in the right place. A few years back microwaves were not very common in India. The modernization of homes has given us this advanced cooking machine. A microwave does not only allows us to prepare delicious meals but also saves a lot of our time. If you already own a microwave, you might be aware of how fun it is to cook meals in it. It has these mind-blowing features which allow us to perform some amazing tasks such as defrosting the meat, baking the cake, grilling, reheating the leftovers, boiling the water or tea, and whatnot.

At present, there are numerous brands of microwaves in India. Most of them possess distinctive characteristics and designs. And not only they have unique characters but they also come at very affordable pricing. A low budget does not mean you have to settle with the wrong device. Because everything that is present in the top brands is available under the low price range as well. If you have a low budget and you want to buy an efficient microwave then this article is written just for you. In this article, we have included some efficient microwaves that can be bought under 5000 Rs. Apart from that, we have also included their positives and negatives.

Best Selling Microwave Below 5000 INR

suggest you read the article mindfully so that you may end up buying a good quality microwave for your beautiful kitchen.

1. IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven (17 PM MEC 1, White)

IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven

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The IFB 17 L Solo Microwave oven (17 PM MEC 1) has secured the top position in our list of best microwave ovens under 5000 Rs. This amazing device has many noticeable features. There are two beautiful color variants of this microwave– white and black. You can select whichever color you like the most. The microwave frequency (MHZ) of this IFB 17 solo microwave is 2450. It consumes a power of 230 volts and gives an output of 700 Watts.As this IFB microwave is designed for small-sized kitchens, it possesses a compact yet beautiful design. If you install this microwave in your kitchen, you are going to save a lot of your kitchen space. Apart from that, the IFB 17 liters solo microwave has a mechanical timer which will inform you when the cooking is over. Also, there is an over-heating protection system in the microwave that will protect the device from damage that usually occurs when the microwave is over-heated.The manufacturer provides a 3 years warranty on the cavity and magnetron while a 1-year warranty is provided on the product. People who purchased this microwave and reviewed it found that it is an easy to use light-weighted product.


  • The microwave is very easy to operate.
  • It has an overheating protection system.
  • The pricing of the product is very affordable.
  • A one year warranty on the product and a 3 years warranty on cavity and magnetron is being provided by the device manufacturer.


  • According to a few customers, the customer care service is pathetic.

2. Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven (1701 MT, White)

Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven

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The Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven (1701 MT) has secured the runner-up spot on our list of best microwave ovens under 5000 Rs. This microwave oven possesses a 17 liters storage capacity and that makes it fit anywhere inside the kitchen. It also has an easy-to-operate mechanical control knob. The same knob helps the users in changing the heating level as well as temperature based upon the food type.You would like to know that the microwave comes in an attractive white color which attracts everyone towards it.

The Bajaj 17 L solo microwave gives an output of 700 Watts which enhances the time efficiency and speed of cooking.Which means you will be able to prepare your meal much faster. Also, it consumes a power of 1200 watts. Other than that, the microwave also has a 30-minute timer that notifies the user through alert as soon as the cooking gets completed. A microwave without a timer could become hazardous. Bajaj ensures you a safe cooking experience. With this Bajaj microwave, you will have 5 different options of power levels, you can choose the power level accordingly. Bajaj also gives a one-year warranty card to its customers for added ease.


  • The customer care service is appreciative.
  • The pricing of the product is reasonable.
  • It has a compact size.
  • The microwave output is 700 watts.
  • One year warranty card is provided by Bajaj.


  • Many customers received broken rotating wheels.

3. AmazonBasics 20 L Solo Microwave (Black) 

AmazonBasics 20 L Solo Microwave

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Next up, we have the AmazonBasics 20 Litre Solo Microwave for our readers. If you have purchased the Amazon Basic’s product before, you might be aware of how trustworthy the brand is.This microwave oven is an affordable electronic device that comes with numerous exciting features.You can make your favorite dishes such as rice, pasta, popcorn, pizza, breads, burgers, sandwiches, etc. effortlessly. Besides, you can also re-heat your everyday meals within a matter of minutes. This microwave oven has a storage capacity of 20 Litres which is sufficient if you live in a nuclear family. The dimensions of this microwave oven allows it to fit even in the tight corners without any issues.

You can adjust the microwave power levels on the basis of your requirements. It has 5 different power levels to choose from. Apart from everything, the cost of this AmazonBasics 20L microwave oven is one of the most significant factors to say yes to it. Moreover, the microwave comes with sturdy mechanical dials that do not only have a long life but are also very easy to use.


  • The microwave allows the user to reheat, defrost and cook the foodstuff.
  • The mechanical dials are durable as well as easy to use.
  • The brand offers a 10-day refund guarantee to the customers for defects on the product.
  • The microwave can be cleaned without putting much effort.


  • According to a few customers, the product durability of the product is not very good.

4. Godrej 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (GMX 20SA2, Black)

Godrej 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

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In the fourth position, we have the Godrej 20 L solo Microwave Oven (GXM 20SA2). This microwave oven has an elegant black color that can add class to your kitchen. It has a mind-blowing combinationof microwave energy and convection power that helps the users cook the food in less time. If you are someone who runs errands and does not have much time for cooking thefood, then this microwave will prove to be very helpful to you. With this Godrej 20 L solo microwave oven, you can grill, bake, defrost and reheat your favorite dishes. The microwave has given a hassle-free cooking experience to many existing users. You can find so many good things about this product on the internet.

One of the most remarkable features of the Godrej 20 L solo microwave oven is its cooling fan. The fan cools down the machine as soon as the cooking is completed. This fast-cooling feature enhances the life span of the microwave. Plus, the three-year magnetron and one-year product warranty is fantastic. With this being said, you need not to worry about the functionality of the product. Once you buy this Godrej microwave oven, you will never switch to any other brand.


  • The storage capacity of the microwave is 20 Litres.
  • The brand provides a three-year warranty on the magnetron and a year warranty on the product.


  • The brand does not provide any starter kit to the customers.

5. LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (MS2043BP, Black)

LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

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The LG 20 L solo microwave oven (MS2043BP) has secured the fifth position in our list of best microwave oven under 5000 Rs. It is one of the best solo microwave ovens in our list. The microwave comes with a pre-setauto cook menu. All you have to do is just choose the dish that you desire to make, press the start button and your dish will be prepared within a few minutes. One of the most pleasing features of this microwave is its attractive floral pattern which is eye-catching for so many people. Apart from that, the attractive floral pattern is also known to add beauty to the kitchen. You can add a hint of color to your kitchen with this microwave.

The LG 20 L solo microwave oven also comes equipped with distinctive intellowave technology which ensures healthy and faster cooking to the users. Another significant feature of this microwave is its anti-bacterial cavity, it eliminates the growth of bacteria inside the microwave cavity. Which means the odor stays away from the microwave. The cavity is easy to clean as well. Furthermore, there is an energy-saving feature in the microwave that turns off the display and saves a lot of the power when it is inactive for more than five minutes.


  • The microwave comes equipped with intellowave technology.
  • There is a unique health plus menu for calorie and health-conscious people.
  • The microwave has an energy-saving feature that can save you bucks.
  • The microwave has an attractive floral pattern.
  • The brand offers a four-year warranty on magnetron and a year warranty on the device.


  • After-sales service is poor.

How to Choose The Best Microwave Oven in India

Microwave ovens have changed a lot, most of them come with features that are new. If you are not familiar with these features, then you could neglect an important feature. If you are planning to purchase a microwave oven and if you need the best product, then, consider the factors mentioned below without fail.

Type of microwave –

Most people do not realize that there are different types of microwave oven available on the market.

  1. Solo microwave oven – Entry level microwave oven that could serve the purpose of simple cooking and re-heating only.
  2. Grill microwave oven – Comes with extra accessories and features that facilitates grilling vegetables and meat in it.
  3. Convection microwave oven – Comes with a fan and heating element which creates a heated airflow pattern in the microwave oven, making it suitable for baking and grilling.

These three types of microwave ovens are commonly assumed to be separate types of devices. They are not separate devices; each of these is a different microwave, with an extra feature incorporated.

Capacity –

Whichever type of microwave oven you are purchasing, each of them will have a capacity. It is very important that you consider the capacity, as the capacity increases, the size, and the power consumption also increases. The capacity of each microwave oven would be denoted in liters. A family with 2 to 3 people would need a 15 to 20-liter capacity, 3 to 5 people would need 25 to 30 liter, and a family of more than 5 people would require a microwave oven with 30+ capacity.

Power consumption –

Every microwave oven would come with a power rating; it could vary based on the capacity and type. As the market is diverse today, you could find different power ratings, however, you must know that if you are purchasing a microwave oven with large capacity, then the power rating should also be higher or else, you microwave over might not be able to cook, reheat, or bake properly.

Auto cook –

Almost every microwave oven available on the market today comes with this feature; some of them lack this feature. If you are a beginner, you might tend to neglect this feature, do not neglect this feature. The auto cook feature is incorporated to simplify your cooking. Let it be grilling or cooking, click a single button and the device would automatically set the time and the appropriate temperature and start cooking. We recommend not to neglect microwave ovens with this feature.

Defrost and preheat features –

If you are not familiar with the term, defrost, then you should understand that it is a feature that heats frozen food without damaging it. On the other hand, preheating is a feature that preheats the oven for those types of food that requires a preheated oven. For example, baking cakes and cookies demand a preheated oven.

Warranty –

Do not assume that a microwave oven under the price of INR 5000 would not come with a warranty. Most of the microwave oven that comes from reputed and top-rated brands come with a warranty. You could expect at least a 2-year warranty in each microwave oven. We recommend that you do not purchase a product without a warranty, remember, a microwave oven is an electronic product, the warranty would come handy if it malfunctions under any circumstances.

Brand –

Today, the microwave oven market is diverse; you could find a microwave oven from a premium brand at an unexpected price. If you have an assumption that premium brand markets their products only at a premium price, it is wrong. You could find microwave ovens from such brands under the price of INR 5000.

Microwave Oven Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it true that a microwave oven could make the food poisonous? Are the rumours true?

No, there are rumours and assumptions that microwave ovens could make the food poisonous. However, so far no proof has been found that such a thing happens. In fact, some studies indicate that microwave ovens could preserve the nutrients in the food rather than destroying it which happens in most other types of cooking or heating process.

  1. Could all the food be cooked in a microwave oven?

Yes, almost every type of food could be cooked in a microwave oven. However, we recommend not to do such a thing. Always be selective in what food you cook in a microwave. There is food that tastes better if cooked traditionally; if you cook them in the microwave oven, the outcome might shock you.

  1. Using a microwave oven could increase the electricity bill?

No, the electricity consumption of a microwave oven is based on the model. Some of the premium microwave ovens are designed to consume comparatively very little power. However, most of the microwave ovens below the price range of INR 5000 might not offer the same advantage.

  1. Is it safe to microwave baby food?

Yes and no, as of now, no proof microwaving food could poison them.  However, to be on the safe side, we recommend not to microwave baby food. Even if you are microwaving baby food, do it in an open dish and not in a closed jar or container.

  1. Are microwave ovens under the price of INR 5000 any good?

As far as we know, most of the microwave oven from reputed brands are good. If you are referring to the features and quality, then, a perfect answer to this question is almost impossible. Some of the microwave ovens under the price range of INR 5000 are really impressive and some of them offer just basic features and nothing else.

  1. Does microwaving food destroys the nutrients in it?

No, several studies indicate that microwaving is one of the common forms of cooking that destroys the least amount of nutrients in the food. While most of the traditional ways of cooking and heating destroy most of the nutrients in the food, the microwave destroys the least. Therefore, you should not be concerned about microwaves destroying the nutrients in your food.


Choosing a microwave oven can be a tedious task, especially when you are on a low-budget and want an efficient product. There is a wide range of microwave oven sat low-prices in India. We have listed some of the best microwave ovens under 5000 Rs. Each of them possesses fantastic features and designs.

We suggest you to check out the reviews and ratings before purchasing any product. This will make sure you select a good product that fulfils  all your requirements.

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