Best OTG Under 5000 Rs. In India 2023 [For Home Use]

A lot of people do not know this, but OTG stands for Oven Toaster and Grill. This appliance is a must-have for all the kitchens. In Indian cuisines, OTG can help in preparing different things. They can help you in making pizza, baked pasta, cakes, and a lot of various snacks. They offer the required versatility to you in the kitchen. You can even toast the bread in the OTG oven, and this eliminates the need for the toaster. Will such kind of features, it becomes essential to buy a reliable OTG for your kitchen.

The good thing is that there are many brands available in the India market. The OTG ovens are even cheaper than the microwave ovens. As per a lot of health experts, OTGs are healthier than microwave ovens. They use heating coils to grill or bake the stuff. All the OTG ovens have two heating coils. One of them is at the top, and the second one is at the bottom. These heating elements work in sync, depending on the temperature and mode that you have selected.

With so many OTGs available in the market, it is possible to get swayed away by the advertisements and marketing gimmick. You may end up choosing a model that is not very useful for you. To help you with your research, we have done the majority of homework, and we have compiled a list of top 10 best OTGs available in the market. You will not have to worry about the budget because all these models are retailing at a price tag below Rs 5,000.

So, jump on to the next section and check out reviews of best otg oven less than 5000 rs budget price. that can help you in cooking some of the fantastic dishes for your family.

Best Selling OTG Oven Below 5000 INR

In this section, you can scroll through the list of the top 10 OTG available in India. We have reviewed them, and we have also listed the advantages as well as disadvantages of these OTGs. All of the models have a comparable price, and they also have similar features. We covered different brands that manufacture OTG, as this would help you in shortlisting the OTGs from your favorite brand. However if you don’t know how OTG is different from the Microvave oven then you should see this Basic Difference Between OTG Oven & Microwave Oven.

1. Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS 1200-Watt Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS 1200-Watt Oven Toaster Grill

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Let’s begin our list with an OTG from Bajaj. Thismodel is a medium sized OTG that has a total capacity of 16 L. The body of the OTG is designed with steel, and the front has a transparent insulated glass. The glass cover doesn’t let the heat escape, but it allows you to watch the cooking process. The dial-based function and temperature selection switches are easy to use. You can even set a time for 60 minutes while using the OTG. The timer ensures that you do not end up with the burned food.

The body is powder coated, and it comes with a rust resistant design. The thermostat keeps monitoring the temperature, and it ensures that the temperature doesn’t exceed the set limit. The heating element of this OTG is robust, and it doesn’t break down even after continuous usage. In the pack, you get Baking Tray, Crumb Tray, Grill Rack, and even Skewer Rods. Overall, the OTG is going to satisfy your needs, and you are going to love the design as well. It is undoubtedly worth considering this OTG from Bajaj Electricals.


  • Bajaj offers a two-year warranty on this OTG.
  • You get a lot of accessories that include Crumb Tray, Skewer Rods, and a Grill Rack.
  • The OTG can be operated between a temperature of 0 to 250 C, and it has a capacity of 16 L.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

2. AGARO Marvel 19-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

AGARO Marvel 19-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

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Are you looking for a very affordable OTG? Well, we found something that is available at a considerable discount. You can buy this OTG for less than Rs 2900, and it comes with fantastic reliability. This model has a capacity of 19 L, and it comes with temperature control that can be adjusted between 100 C and 250 C. the chamber of this over is illuminated, and it has a total of 5 heating modes. For getting a perfectly grilled chicken, this OTG also comes with motorized rotisserie. You can also choose between the Grill, Toast, and Bake functions.  The power rating of this OTG is 1280 Watts.

The maximum timer limit for this OTG is 60 minutes. The handle of the OTG stays cold, so don’t worry about getting a burn while taking out the dish. Talking about the accessories, you get a baking pan, tray handle, grill tray, rotisserie rod, and a rotisserie handle. If you buy a model with a 38L capacity of 48 L capacity, then you will also get a convection fan feature integrated into the OTG.


  • It is available with one year warranty and has all the features.
  • This OTG is available in a varying capacity that includes 9L, 19 L, 25 L, 38 L, and 48 L.
  • The OTG gets a motorized rotisserie and an illuminated chamber. These features are missing in most of the models.


  • Skewer sticks are not included in the pack.

3. Wonderchef 19-Litre OTG

Wonderchef 19-Litre OTG

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If you are keen to buy an OTG from an Indian brand, then you can also consider this 19 L OTG from Wonderchef. The brand is quite popular as it follows an Italian Design with German quality. The total wattage of this OTG is 1280 Watts, and it comes with a two-year warranty as well. The different cooking modes in this OTG include Baking, Toasting, and Grilling. The front window has tempered glass. The main body is designed with powder coated stainless steel. The temperature range for this OTG is between 100 C and 250 C. Moreover; the timer is between 0 to 60 minutes. You get a bell ring once the timer is complete.

In the box, you get a Chrome wire rack, grilling tray, baking tray, and a handle. All these things are available at an affordable price. The knobs are easy to use, and they do not break even after years of usage. It is a perfect OTG for the families who love cakes, kebabs, and tikkas. It is going to help you in making several delicacies.Overall, the brand performs a lot better than expectations so that you can consider this OTG from Wonderchef.


  • The OTG features an auto power-off as it shuts down when the timer is complete.
  • Wonderchef offers a two-year warranty on this OTG.
  • The design of this OTG is very durable, and the tray pulls out as you open the window.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

4. Borosil Prima 10 L OTG, with 3 Cooking Modes

Borosil Prima 10 L OTG

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The next OTG on our list is from Borosil. It is a reliable brand, and the OTG from Borosil is quite popular in the Indian market. It has all the general features that include baking, grilling, and toasting. You can also set the timer while you are cooking. The temperature varies between 90 C to 240 C. apart from this; the OTG has dial controls that are easy to use. The heating element of this OTG is made of Quartz. In three different modes, it uses three different settings for the heating element

The power turns off after the timer is finished. The only thing that we didn’t like about this OTG is that the timer limit is 30 minutes. It is also essential to clean the OTG properly; otherwise, the heating element can get damaged. The crumb plate ensures that there is no residue sticking around the heating element. This OTG is also very efficient when it comes to power usage. With a compact design, it is an excellent option to consider for a small family.


  • Borosil offers one year warranty on this OTG.
  • The crumb tray is removable, and it helps you in cleaning the OTG efficiently.
  • The total capacity of the OTG is 10 L, and it has a 1000 watt power rating.


  • The OTG has a 30 minute timer only.

5. Pigeon by Stovekraft Electric Oven Toaster and Griller

Pigeon by Stovekraft Electric Oven Toaster

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Another brand that made its place in Indian homes is Pigeon. The OTG from this brand is of good quality. This particular model comes with a 16 L capacity, and it can help you with various functions like Bake, Reheat, Toast, and Grill. Pigeon provides you with Crumb Tray, barbeque Rack, Skewer Rods, and a Handle in the package. All these accessories prove to be very useful when you are trying different dishes. Because of its 1280 Watt power rating, the heating is rapid. The design is compact, and it is perfect for people with less space in the kitchen.

The front window features a frameless glass that has a cool-touch handle on it. The glass is made of heat resistant material so that it doesn’t break. The thermostat can be adjusted between a temperature of 100 C to 250 C. There is also a heating element selector that can be switched into four levels. The oven turns off itself once the timer is complete. With all these features, you can buy this OTG from Pigeon, and we assure you that you will love the quality of the OTG.


  • The brand offers a one year warranty on this OTG.
  • It comes with a pan handle, crumb tray, barbeque rack, skewer rods, and other accessories.
  • The front window has a complete glass design, and that looks very classic.


  • Some users complained about the quality.

How To Choose The Best Oven Toaster In India

OTGs are popular in India to provide healthy and tasty food at home. But choosing the right OTG for your home can be a tricky task. If you still have not chosen an OTG for your home, then here is a detailed buying guide for you. In this buying guide, we have listed some important points so that you can pick the best OTG from the market for you. Therefore, before you decide on an OTG to buy, have a look at this buying guide for choosing the right one for you. 

Power Consumption: 

Power consumption of an OTG is one of the most important points to ensure proper usability. If you use the OTG for making many items every day, then you must check how much power it consumes in operation. By doing this, you can ensure that your electricity bill will get reduced. Usually, the smaller size OTG consumes around 1200 watts of power while the larger size OTG consumes around 2000 watts of power. Therefore, you can consider your uses and choose an OTG accordingly. 

Size of the OTG: 

OTGs are available in many sizes to be suitable for different applications. So before choosing an OTG for your home, you need to decide what size of OTG can fulfil your family requirements. You can check your family size and select the right size of OTG for your home. For small families, 15L to 20L OTGs are the best choice. But for large families, you can look for larger OTGs for high convenience. Also, the people who use an OTG occasionally can opt for a small size OTG instead of larger ones.

Check the warranty period: 

Generally, different brads provide different warranty periods on their OTGs. So some OTGs may come with a short period of warranty, and some other OTGs many come with a long period of warranty. If the warranty period is long, then the OTG can offer exceptional quality and performance. Also, you can use that appliance effectively for a long time. Therefore, you check the warranty period of different brands and choose an OTG that has the higher warranty period. 

Additional Accessories: 

Some OTGs come with some additional accessories to allow you to cook different items with ease. These additional accessories include crumb tray, baking pan, skewer rods, etc. Therefore, you need to ensure that the OTG you are going to buy comes with these accessories so that you can use that effectively. 

Check the control panel: 

Usually, OTGs come with a control panel to let you control its functions efficiently. The control panels on the OTGs can be of two types, Analog and Digital. Analog control panels include knobs and mechanically operated switches to let you use the OTG effectively. Also, these OTGs are affordable and can last for a long time. Digital control panels include push buttons that control the OTG digitally and offer high accuracy. 

Auto shut-off feature: 

It is a safety feature to ensure the proper usability of the OTG. If your OTG comes with an auto shut-off feature, then you can use it safely in your kitchen. This feature switches off the OTG automatically when the food gets cooked even if you are away from it. This feature saves energy and lets you do other works while cooking.     

Other features: 

Usually, OTGs come with many features to improve the user experience. But everyone may not need all the features as it will be costly. Therefore, you can check the features and choose an OTG that has the features that you need. The additional features of an OTG are timers, temperature control, crumb tray, mode of operation, etc.

OTG Oven Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are OTGs worth the price? Is it a good investment to purchase one today?

Yes, in the beginning when OTGs were introduced, they were expensive and their functionalities were limited, but, today, competition has increased. The price of OTGs has come down and the features have increased. If you are planning to purchase an OTG today, it is a good investment.

  1. What is the maximum capacity of an OTG? What capacity should I purchase?

As far as we know, the largest OTG has a 100-liter capacity. However, such large OTGs are not commonly found on the market. When it comes to household use, an OTG with a capacity between 25 to 60-liters is enough. As the number of people in the family increases, the capacity should increase. This means, if your family is very big, a 60-liter OTG is the best option.

  1. Could aluminium foil be used inside an OTG? Would it destroy the OTG?

Yes, aluminium foil could be used inside an OTG and there is no risk of damaging the device. However, using aluminium foil could disrupt the efficient cooking of the food. Unlike microwave ovens, OTGs do not use any sort of waves to cook food, therefore, there is no risk in using aluminium foil. An OTG makes use of heat transfer to cook food.

  1. Microwave safe glass is compatible with OTG?

The working principle of OTG and microwave ovens are entirely different. A microwave oven uses microwaves to heat the food, whereas, OTGs use heating coils to radiate heat to the food. When it comes to utensils or glass, microwave-safe glass might not be compatible in an OTG, and OTG compatible glass might not be good in a microwave oven. Therefore, you need to check the specifications and make sure it is safe for use in both.

  1. Which is better a microwave oven or an OTG?

Both of these are good, however, both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Microwave ovens could cook comparatively faster than OTGs, they could also distribute the heat more evenly. However, the power consumption is too high. On the other hand, OTG is slower and heat distribution is not even, but, they consume less power. Now, OTGs are best for grilling and baking that demand slow heating. But, microwave ovens are best for defrosting, frying, etc. Based on this information, you could select the best.

Final Verdict

We have listed all the possible information about the OTG ovens available in India. All of them are of exceptional quality, and they are from reliable brands. You can trust the offerings of these brands. We have also covered a lot of Indian brands on the list, so you can also buy products from those brands to promote Made in India. If you like to have more information about any of these OTGs, then you can click on the Amazon Link associated with the listing. There, you can check the information about the deals, specs, and even product pictures.

With this information, we are going to conclude the page. You can also refer to other sections of our blog to explore more products. For any questions or feedback, write to us in the comment section. Thank You for checking out these reviews and stay tuned for more interesting listings.

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