An ENT is one specialized in Ear, Nose, and Throat. These are our crucial body parts. If you do not treat or take proper care of these parts, it may create a huge problem. You have numerous options in this city. But you must stick to selecting the reputed ones from the long list. In this discussion, you will get the names of some reputed ENT specialists who can deal your problem and give immediate relief. Most of these ENT’s have the experience and skills to solve any critical issues.

1. Rajesh Bharadwaj

He is one of the reputed and famous ENT specialists in the city. He has good experience in surgeries and dealing with endoscopic treatments. He has a great qualification in this subject. He has dealt with some critical cases and got success in it.

2. Sumit Mrig

Another great ENT in this city is Dr. Sumit Mrig. He is an expert in the field of cochlear implantation. He has immense experience in this subject. He is associated with many renowned hospitals. He is the one who has successfully completed 5000 surgeries. He is also a great human being.

3. Atul Ahuja

He is another gem in this field in Dr. Atul Ahuja. He has good experience in this field. He has served a lot of people and gave them relief from immediate pain.  You can get his online consultation. To visit his chamber, you have to make an appointment. This is mandatory for the patient.

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