Laser hair removal slows down the formation of new hair, allowing you to experience hair-free & smooth skin over time. Various clinics & salons have sprung up all around the capital over the years, each claiming to provide the greatest treatment possible. So, which are genuinely effective, as well as which ones are regarded complete waste of time and resources? Let’s have a look and see on the top 3 Best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

1. Kaya Skin Clinics, Delhi

Kaya Skin Clinics in India employ one of the most cutting-edge laser hair removal methods available. The technology employed here has been authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration and is suitable for all types of skin. In addition to this, Kaya provides services like anti-aging, pigmentation, and acne removal, among others.

2. Cosmotree clinic, Delhi

It is considered to be one of the finest laser removal centers in the city. It provides high-quality treatment not just in the domain of laser hair removal, but also in the fields of breast augmentation, tattoo removal, helpful FUE hair transplantation, botox therapy, and vitiligo treatment, among other things.

3. Puri’s skin & laser clinic

Suruchi, the clinic’s director, was the official dermatologist for Femina Miss India 2014 and is the clinic’s founder. Skincare services are available at the facility. In addition to laser hair removal, this clinic provides treatment for acne and blemishes, as well as assistance in improving the texture of the skin.

The clinic is well-known for providing high-quality cosmetic and medical services at a reasonable cost to its clients.

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