A rheumatologist is a specialist of internal medicine who treats stiffness and other musculoskeletal issues and autoimmune diseases. These diseases can lead to stiffness in joints, muscles & bones, and can cause pain & swelling. Due to unnecessary inflammation in body organs, autoimmune disease can happen. They can entirely affect your eyes, internal organs, skin, even joints & muscles. To treat this disease, you must consult a specialist in Delhi. Delhi has various well-trained and experienced Rheumatologists that help treat these issues. Some of them are as follow:

1. Dr Col OP Garg

Dr Col OP Garg is a leading Rheumatologist with 19 years of vigorous knowledge in handling numerous cases of arthritis and other joint pain conditions. He has specialization in Ankylosing Spondylitis and Autoimmune Disease. He got companionship in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound & Diagnostic Arthroscopy and Pain Management. He is popular for taking out Arthroscopic treatment for therapeutic and diagnostic objectives.

2. Dr Ashok Kumar

Dr Ashok Kumar has expertise in Rheumatism, Articular Pain Management, Psoriasis Treatment and Myositis. With 35 years of experience, he mainly handles cases of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology. He imparted training to various Clinical Fellows and senior experts in the subject of Rheumatology.

3. Dr Alok Kalyani

He is a well-known consultant Rheumatologist in northwest Delhi. He has vast experience in Rheumatology, which include disease-related pain, early arthritis, pain management disorders, ultrasound-guided injections for joint pains and back pain, etc. DrAlok specializes in the treatment of Autoimmune diseases, Rheumatic Diseases, Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Disorders.

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