Neurological problems are the most devastating ones as they may hamper your health to a great extent. It is essential to cure the problem as early as possible. You will get several such neurologists in Delhi who have earned fame and reputation by providing the best service and advice to the patients.

Let us try find out the best ones from the long list.

1. Aparna Gupta

She is one of the noted neurologists in the city who has been dealing with several neurological issues for a long time. She is a senior consultant neurologist at the Indian Spinal Injury Center. It is located in Vasantkunj. She is also an expert in Parkinsons disease. She gives special effort in handling the patients. She gives a lot of time to hear the patient’s problem. She is also a member of the Indian Academy of Neurology.

2. Shweta Singla

She is another great neurologist in Delhi. She has 14 years of experience in this field. She is a headache and Somnologist. She is a great professional in her subject. She has also dealt with issues like sleeping disorders and other critical diseases. You will love to talk to her and seek her guidance.

3. Sumanto Chatterjee

If you look for a reputed neurologist in Delhi, he is always the best option. He has 18 years of experience in this field. He resides in Chittaranjan Park. You must make a prior appointment to seek his advice. He gives ample time to all his patients. He is known for his polite behavior.

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