A Neurosurgeon is a physician/surgeon who deals with neurological issues. It is necessary to cure this problem right of the beginning. In Delhi, you will get several such physicians who deal with the situation. Through this discussion, you can get the best physicians in the city. Let us try to know about them.

1. Anshul Gupta

He is one of the reputed neurologists in the city. He is also found to be dynamic and young neurosurgeons who are pioneers in brain and spine work. He is also specialized in endoscopic spinal surgery. He has also handled several critical cases in this subject. He is a beautiful person and deals with every patient through special care.

2. Shailesh Jain

He is a senior consultant in the neurological department. He has special knowledge in neurosurgery. He has strong knowledge of this subject. He has good information about the subject. He is also an expert in dealing with  headaches, spines and other issues. He is associated with many clinics all over the city. He is also great in handling severe and critical issues. You can also take his online consultation. He is always ready to do so.

3. Shanti Kumar Sogani

He is one of the leading neurologists in the city. He is a skilled and fantastic physician in this field. Dr, Shanti has also received many awards and recognitions in this field. You can consult with him regarding any neurological issues. He is associated with Indraprastha Apollo hospital in Delhi.

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