A hematologist is a person who deals with various blood issues in the body. It is good to have prior information about the best hematologists in the state. Delhi has a long list of a hematologist who has excellent knowledge and experience in their respective fields. In this part, you will learn about some of the best hematologists in the city. Let us try to explore the names.

1. Shishir Seth

He is the best hematologist in the city with an experience of 12 years. He is an expert in dealing with bone marrow transplants and blood cancer treatment. If you want to take his advice, a prior appointment is mandatory. He is much qualified in this subject. He is associated with Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals for a long time. You can also make an appointment in that hospital.

2. Gaurav Dixit

Another noted hematologist in Delhi is Dr. Gaurav Dixit. He is an expert in dealing with thalassemia and other severe blood disorders. He has seven years of experience. Presently he is associated with Max Super Specialty Hospital. He comes from an excellent academic background. You can also take online advice from him. He is best in hematology.

3. Rakesh Ojha

He is a gem in this field that has 15 years of experience. He is associated with Fortis Hospital. He holds the position of Senior Consultant in Hematology in this hospital. He is the best in bone marrow transplantation. He has also worked in several institutes. This has helped him to earn good knowledge on the subject.

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