Most people will suffer from chronic lower back pain at a certain point in their lives, and nearly everyone will have more than one episode. However, despite the fact that these instances can be exceedingly painful & cause considerable disturbance in one’s life, the vast majority of occurrences of lower back pain will improve with time (approximately 2 to 12 weeks) & non-surgical treatment.

Here are the best 3 Spine Surgeon In Delhi that can best help:

1. Dheeraj Bojwani

Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani specializes in spine surgery & treatment is known for providing high-quality services at a reasonable cost to their patients. He is one of the most reputable medical tourism companies in India since it provides the most comprehensive healthcare packages to overseas patients, which include treatments such as herniated disc, Spinal cord trauma, Spinal compression fractures, etc.

2. Amit Shridhar

Endoscopic spine surgery is a specialty in which the surgeon performs procedures for the treatment of spine fusion, prolapsed intervertebral disc, cervical radiculopathy, and other conditions. Has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the medical treatment of spinal cancers.

3. H.S Chabbra

He has more than 25 years of expertise and has conducted more than 3000 spinal procedures over his career.

He holds a Master of Surgery degree from Safdurjang Hospital as well as an MBBS degree from Delhi University. Afterward, he attended the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare for the Post Graduate Certificate Course in Public Health.

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