Most people in the present time suffer from various mental issues. It is urgent to deal with such isssues and get them solved. To handle such problems you have to contact some psychologists who can give you the best treatment and suggestions. Let us explore the best Psychologists in Delhi. This will help you get in touch with renowned ones.

1. Vandana Prakash

She is one of the leading Psychologists in Delhi who have good experience in this subject. She can deal with any psychological issues of the person. She is best at dealing with people who have emotional problems. She is attached to Fortis Hospital. She has also gained a success in dealing with acute mental diseases. She uses advanced techniques to deal with these issues.

2. Ms Manpreet Sodhi

She is an expert in dealing with various mental issues. She is an expert in dealing with various mental problems through counseling. This is the best part of her treatment. She also uses Psychotherapy treatment to handle the patients. You can also seek online advice from her. She is attached with Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in Delhi.

3. Aruna Bordoloi

Yet another reputed Psychologist in Delhi is Ms Aruna Bordoloi. She has 6 years of experience dealing with various mental issues. She is an expert in family therapy, child therapy. She uses an advanced method to deal with any mental issues. She is a skilled psychological expert who can help you during your emergency period.

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