The Best Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker in India

The most common utensil that is found in almost every house is a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker is used when you cook any type of cuisine in India. But the more important thing is that you need to choose the best stainless-steel pressure cooker in India to have a better and enhanced cooking experience. The stainless-steel pressure cookers are not only known for their durability but also known for having healthy results on the food being cooked.

These pressure cookers are very easy to clean. As the pressure cookers are constantly in contact with water, they tend to rust easily. But that is not the case with the stainless-steel pressure cooker. It is rust-free and guarantees a long-time use. It saves your time and energy by helping you cook tasty food in less time. The stainless-steel pressure cookers have no pores and dissipate the heat equally preventing the undercooking of the food. These pressure cookers go perfectly along with Indian foods.

Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker

List of Best Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker in India

How To Choose The Best Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Keep the following features in mind while choosing the best stainless steel pressure cooker:

1. Pressure cooker size

The wrong size can cause problems, so exercise caution when choosing it. This means that you have to cook several dishes at once, while a large pressure cooker requires much more fuel and cleaning up. The number of children in the household is the most important consideration.

There is no need for a pressure cooker larger than 3 liters for a small family. 5 to 7.5 liters is a good size for a large family or a joint family. The ideal size of a pressure cooker for making baby food is between 1 liter and 1.5 liters.

2. Durability

Buying a new cooker each year isn’t in your budget. A product’s long-term viability is critical. Aluminum isn’t a long-term solution. From a durability standpoint, stainless steel is the best option.

3. Health factor

Yes, aluminum pressure cookers react with the food they’re cooking. A reaction between aluminum and acids in food can be harmful. Pressure cookers made of stainless steel and hard-anodized aluminum are the healthiest options.

4. Induction stove compatibility

The pressure cooker you choose must be Induction Stovetop Compatible if you plan on using it with an induction range. Look for information on induction stove compatibility in the product description on this page. Anodized pressure cookers aren’t designed to work on induction stoves, but manufacturers can modify the bottom to make it compatible. “With Induction Bottom” is one of the most common product-description keywords.

5. Dishwasher safe

If you use a dishwasher to clean your utensils, this feature is essential. Otherwise, it is unnecessary. Anodized pressure cookers cannot be washed in a dishwasher. Dishwasher-safe aluminium & stainless steel pressure cooker is available. Cookers that are dishwasher safe can be found using the “Dishwasher-Safe” keyword.

6. Inner lid Vs Outer lid

Depending on the lid type, pressure cookers are available in two models: inner lid & outer lid. The lid in the internal lid models is inside the cooker. In contrast, the head of the lid does not touch the cooker container when using the outer lid model.

Pressure cookers with large outer lids are more common than those with small inner lids. Inner lids are thought to be safer than outer lids because they have an additional locking mechanism to retain the additional pressure.

For better products, opt for the longer warranty durations available with pressure cookers. Please take the time to go over the warranty, refunds, and replacement policy information carefully.

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the advantages of using stainless steel pressure cooker?

A stainless steel pressure cooker promises the following benefits:

  • Faster Cooking
  • More Healthful
  • Fuel saving
  • Hygienic enough
  • Can be used as a sterilizer
  1. Is it possible to use liquids except water in a stainless steel pressure cooker?

Yes, liquids such as vegetable juices, fruit juice, bouillon, and beer, wine works well as cooking liquids in a pressure cooker.

  1. Are there any food types that cannot be cooked in a stainless steel pressure cooker?

Spaghetti, rhubarb, macaroni, noodles, split peas, oats, pearl barley, cranberries, applesauce etc. are just few examples of foods that may cause the pressure release valve to get clogged due to excessive foaming and frothing (steam vent). You shouldn’t use a pressure cooker to prepare these meals.

  1. During pressure cooking, how much water should I add?

For the first ten min of your pressure cooking time, use 1 cup (240 ml) of water, then use 1/2 cup for every further 10 minutes (or portion thereof). Due to the high risk of the pressure cooker boiling dry, it is crucial to use at least the minimum amount of water recommended for pressure cooking. The internal pressure and heat of the cooker would increase, melting the safety valve.

Can I use a pressure cooker to make my tried and true traditional recipes?

 Yes. Discovering a recipe that is comparable to one that can be made in a pressure cooker is the simplest approach to adapt a dish. If that isn’t an option, cutting the cooking time in half is a decent rule of thumb. If your typical cooking technique takes 45 minutes, using a pressure cooker will only take around 15 minutes. Be sure to keep track of your data so you can fine-tune your time.

 Using a pressure cooker means you may cut down on the liquid you use by a significant amount due to the low rate of evaporation. Put in roughly a cup extra than you think you’ll need for the final product. Keep in mind that the pressure cooker cannot produce steam unless there is some liquid present.

  1. What if my pressure cooker safety valve gets fused?

In case the safety valve blows, turn off the stove immediately. When the safety valve has cooled down, replace it with an original stainless steel pressure cooker safety valve.

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