How To Register Online FIR in Delhi

The purpose of an (FIR) First Information Report is to document the information that has been brought to the attention of the authorities. This information, whether acquired in writing or verbally, is needed to be converted to a written report, which will be credited with initiating the criminal law enforcement process in the first place. A cognizable offense entitles the police to proceed with an arrest and investigation without the need for a warrant.

Why register an FIR online?

Filing a police report has traditionally been perceived as a time-consuming and difficult task. The majority of people are apprehensive about going to the police station for filing a report because they believe they would be interrogated extensively about the issue. To make you at ease, online FIR registration is now available

How to register an FIR online?

By utilizing the portal, you can now file an FIR with the Delhi Police Department online. The Delhi Police has implemented an online method for persons who have misplaced valuable items or crucial documents to file a police report. It is also possible to register a police report for motor vehicle theft incidents online through the Delhi Police’s website.

Complaints can be submitted by mobile or online applications at any time and from any location, eliminating the need to visit police stations, as the e-police department will have authority over the entire National Capital Territory of Delhi. The Crime Branch has established an e-police station to register incidents involving the theft of motor vehicles. Using the mobile/web application, the complainant will be able to file a First Information Report & receive an instant copy of the report without having to physically visit a police station.

FIR Delhi

Here’s how you can register an FIR online in Delhi

  • Visit the official website of Delhi Police at delhi
  • Choose “services” from the options available, and select the most suitable one by scrolling down
  • Fill in the form of Delhi police report form
  • Using the online service box, select the options complaints if you wish to register a police complaint digitally, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

 Enter the following details:

  • Name of the Complainant: Fill out the form with the name of the person who wants to file a complaint.
  • Name of the Complainant’s Father or Mother: Please provide the name of the Complainant’s Father or Mother.
  • Complainant’s Mobile Number: Please enter the complainant’s mobile number.
  • Complainant’s e-mail account: Enter the e-mail address of the person who filed the complaint
  • In Delhi, the location of the loss is: Input the name of the area or location where the item or document was misplaced.
  • The loss occurred on the following date: Enter the date, including the month and year.
  • Loss Occurred at: Input the date and time when the item/documents were misplaced.
  • Articles that have gone missing: Write the name of the article that was misplaced. Fill in the blanks with the description of the misplaced article. Items must be entered individually, in the correct order.
  • Any other information: If you have any extra information, please include it here; however, you must not repeat the details you entered above.
  • Fill in the blanks with the code that appears in the box.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

Note: Android users can utilize the smartphone application to register an FIR online, which is available for download.

Important Things to keep in mind

  • Be wary about registering a fictitious report. It is clearly stated on the official website of the Delhi Police that such behavior will be punishable.
  • If a crime such as murder is committed, only complaints of lost or stolen property will be recorded; to do so, you must travel to the nearest police department.
  • Complaints about Delhi or the NCR region will be handled through the website.
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