How to Register in Banglarbhumi?

When you are purchasing a property, it is very important to check for the land records to ensure that you are entering the correct deal. This is the best way to verify the property’s details, owner, plot number and value of the property. Many people who check the land records save themselves from potential fraud. If you are also planning to buy a property in West Bengal, we would recommend you check for the property’s registration details using the land record portal Banglarbhumi. We have listed some of the important procedures below, and you can check them out now.

Services Offered by Banglarbhumi Portal

The Banglarbhumi portal offers many services. Have a look at the details below to understand what are the different services you can avail of.

  • Citizen-Centric Services
  • Digitization of Map & Records
  • Distribution of Land
  • Indo-Bangladesh Boundary Demarcation
  • Management of ISU
  • Preparation, Updating& Maintenance
  • Rent Controller
  • Select Name of Department
  • State Land Use Board
  • Thika Tenancy
  • Training (ARTI and LMTC)

How to Register for Banglarbhumi Portal

Banglarbhumi West Bengal 1

To avail of any service on the Banglarbhumi portal, you need to register yourself first. In this section of the page, we are going to tell you how you can register and avail of the services.

  • To register for the Banglarbhumi Portal, visit This is the official website of Banglarbhumi Portal.
  • Now, click on the Citizen Registration Button. You will find the option on the right bottom corner of the page.
  • A registration form will be displayed, and you can now start by entering the details. Once that is done, you can save the details, and the website will trigger an OTP request on the mobile number you entered during the registration.
  • After entering the OTP, the website will trigger a new activation email. You need to open the mailbox and click on the activation email. Once that is done, your registration is partially complete.
  • In the next step, you need to visit the Banglarbhumi Portal again and log in to the portal. After your first login, you will be asked to submit the documents. Post verification of the documents, the registration will be complete, and you will be able to use Banglarbhumi Portal.

How to Check Land Records Online in West Bengal

Once you have registered for the Banglarbhumi portal, you will be able to check the land records of the property that you are interested in. In this section, we have listed the steps you need to follow to check the land record details.

  • Visit the Banglarbhumi portal and log in using your ID & Password. Click on the Know Your Property Button, which will take you to the page where you can verify the information.
  • Enter the details of District & Block or search by Khaitan Number or the Plot Number. Click on the view button.
  • The website will display the information on the next page, and you will be able to download the land records in PDF format.

Final Verdict

Before investing in property, always ensure that you verify the land records. This is a very important task even before you pay the token money. Checking the land records reduces the chances of fraud. If you notice any discrepancy in the records, it is better to confront the property owner and walk out of the deal. If your property has any discrepancy, you should reach out to the Land Record Office in your district and apply for the correction of records. Alternatively, you can also submit an online grievance using the Banglarbhumi portal, and your query will surely be resolved.

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