10+ Amazing uses of an Electric Kettle

Do you have an electric kettle at home? How exactly do you use it? Many people would use it just for boiling water, but that is not the only use of an electric kettle. You will be able to use an electric kettle is many different ways. You will be surprised with the amazing uses of an electric kettle that you have kept unused in the kitchen for a very long time.

If you also have left the electric kettle unused for very long or not using it for anything other than just boiling water, then this article is for you. Here are 10+ amazing uses of an electric kettle that can be very useful for you.

Have a look at all the uses and get your electric kettle into full use.

1. Make a perfect cup of tea

Electric Kettle for making Tea

There are some people who cannot survive without a cup of tea for a few hours while they are working. If you are also such a person and always need to rush to the kitchen for making a cup of tea and it is a time taking process when you make it on stove tops. If you wish to make a cup of tea in a very short time, then an electric kettle for tea making is one of the best options. That means you save time and also enjoy a good cup of coffee.

2. Make the best French Press Coffee

If you are someone who loves French Press Coffee, and not trying it just because of the time it takes for making it, then you will have to make it in an electric kettle. When compared to the instant cup of coffee, the coffee made using kettle is best and tastes better. So, now you no longer will have to wait for too long with an electric kettle in your kitchen.

3. Baby bottle warming or bottle water

When you are boiling water for your baby, you will have to make sure that the temperature of the water is just perfect. It should never be slightly high or too low. You should never boil it to a very high temperature when you are doing it for your baby. You just need to heat the water. Along with that, you will also be able to warm the baby bottle. If you want to just warm the baby bottle, then you can simply place it in a cup of hot water. That can easily be done with the help of electric kettle. It saves you a lot of time.

4. Yummy cup of soup

On a rainy evening, having a cup of tasty cup of soup is the best thing that everyone wants to enjoy. If you wish to make a cup of soup without any extra pressure, then using an electric kettle would be a great choice. All you need to do is just add the finely chopped vegetables and water to the kettle along with the soup mixture. Then bring it to boiling and in just a few minutes you will be able to enjoy the soup. So, just go for it now.

5. Hard boiled eggs

Eggs are considered as very healthy and many people opt for hard boiled eggs for a healthy breakfast. You can boil them on the stove top or with the help of an electric kettle. But if you wish to complete the task in short time, then using an electric kettle is the best choice. You will be able to finish boiling in very short time and also is is a hassle-free method of doing it. If you have never tried it in your kettle, then you should try it today to know how it works. You will be totally satisfied with the results of an electric kettle.

6. Instant Noodles

Another amazing and surprising use of an electric kettle is making a cup of tasty noodles. When you have cravings for a cup of noodles or when you stay alone, it is always a good choice to have an electric kettle with you. You don’t have to wait too long for making noodles or you need not have to place an order from outside. Just bring some water to boiling and then add the noodles to the kettle. Your cup of tasty noodles will be ready in just no time.

7. Hot Chocolate

Who does not like to have a cup of hot chocolate? Whether it is a cold winter night or just a normal enjoyable night, hot chocolate is always the best choice. You can easily prepare a cup of hot chocolate by just heating some water in the kettle and adding it to the hot chocolate powder. It will be ready in just a few minutes. You can now make hot chocolate at any time of the day without having to spend a lot of time.

8. Instant Oatmeal

Another use of having an electric kettle in the home is you will be able to make Oatmeal at any time without any worries. When you don’t have any time or when you are late in the morning and cannot make breakfast, then you should definitely try this. You will have to put some water for boiling and then add oatmeal to the boiled water. That is all you need to do and your instant oatmeal is ready to serve or eat.

9. Boil Milk or potatoes

With the help of an electric kettle, you will be able to easily boil milk for your babies or kids. When you try to boil water on a stove top, then you will have to make sure that you are monitoring it from time to time. But that is not required when you are trying to boil milk with the help of an electric kettle. It is the same with the potatoes as well. You can easily boil potatoes in just no time.

10. Spa Treatments

Apart from just making some amazing food items, you will also be able treat yourself with the help of an electric kettle. You will be able to use it at a parlor or at your home. You can provide steam for your face or when you wish to soak your feet in the hot water. You will be able to heat the water to exact temperature that you need and there is no fear of burning your skin. You will be able to relax well.

11. Boil Rice

You can also use an electric kettle for boiling rice and that can be done in just no time. Not just simple plain rice, but you can make some Pulao for yourself. You just need to soak the rice for 20 minutes before cooking and then all the vegetables and other ingredients that you need to add for making Pulao. Your food will be ready in just no time.

So, this was the list of 10+ amazing benefits of having an electric kettle at home. In fact, this is just a very small list of benefits that you will be able to enjoy. There are many more such benefits. All you need to make sure is you are getting home one of the best electric kettles. This way you will be able to use it in multiple ways and also it will last for a very long time.

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