The Best Custard Powder In India

Are you fond of sweet dishes? Do you feel to have a bite of tasty and yummy desserts at the end of your meal? If this is so, you can try custards. The best thing about the custards is that you can easily prepare it in home. It requires simple things. The common ingredients are custard powder, sugar, milk and dry fruits. The custard powders are available in various flavors. You can select the suitable one from the list or the one which you like the most. This will help you to use it even for preparing the dish. Preparing custards at home is also an easy job. Anyone can prepare it.

The most essential thing to keep in the mind while making a custard is the mixing. You need to mix the custard powder well with water and add it in the milk. You need to see that the mixing is done properly. The most common custard flavors available in the market are the vanilla, pineapple, and chocolate. You can get the one that you love the most. In this part, you will come across some of the bestselling custard powder available in India. It is better to go through it.

Custard Powder

List of Best Custard Powder In India

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How To Make Custard with Custard Powder?

There are only three simple components needed to make this custard powder. A simple blend of the powder and milk results in a custard which is creamy and smooth delicacy to enjoy. This makes it perfect for filling in pastries, cream puffs, tarts, doughnuts, and Stovetop Custard Cream Buns. It complements trifles and fruit and serves as a creamy garnish for cakes and warm pudding. This is very delectable.

Custard powder is the perfect alternative to traditional custard, which thickens with eggs and flour and is easy to create. The custard powder itself might also be utilized to flavour cookies and cakes. As a result, it is a wise decision to cut out gluten and eggs from your diet.

What is instant custard powder?

Custard Powder is a mix of sugar, powdered milk, and maize flour/cornstarch designed for rapid and easy preparation. The custard powder can be transformed into a thick sauce by adding milk and cooking for a short while.

  • Now, add milk to a thick-bottomed pan to make custard milk.
  • Stir the milk occasionally until it begins to boil.
  • In the meantime, place 2 tbsp of custard powder inside a bowl. You have used custard powder with a vanilla flavour.
  • And then stir in 3 to 4 tablespoons of milk.
  • Continuously stir the mixture to prevent lump formation.
  • After the milk has reached a rolling boil, extinguish the flame and stir in the custard mixture.
  • Add sugar as well. If you want a sweeter fruit custard, increase the sugar.
  • Continually stir while maintaining a low flame.
  • The milk turns a dark yellow colour.
  • Additionally, it becomes significantly thicker. By simmering for a long time, you can change the consistency.
  • After totally cooling, transfer to a small bowl.

How to make fruit custard:

  • Stir in any chosen chopped fruits when the custard milk has completely cooled.
  • Include pomegranate seeds, apples, red grapes, green grapes, mango, banana, and red grapes.
  • Cardamom powder should be added as well.
  • For at least two hours, cover as well as chill.
  • The custard fruit salad becomes richer and creamier after chilling.
  • If necessary, add whipped cream or ice cream.
  • Finally, dispense cooled fruit custard.


Cakes, warm pudding toppings, or fruit drizzled with it are all great. The custard thickens as it cools, and custard cream buns make it perfect for filling pie shells and pastries.

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