Parineetii Colors TV Serial Wiki, Story, Timing, Cast Names

The premiere of Parineetii a new programme on Colors TV, released on February 14, 2022. The programme Molkki has been cancelled and replaced with Pariniti, also created by Ekta Kapoor.

Anchal Sahu & Tanvi Dogra are playing the female protagonists in the Parineeti television series, with Ankur Verma playing the male lead

Two of the main characters in the Pariniti serial are best friends, and the plot revolves on their love triangle with another character.


This Indian drama series Parineeti is filmed in Hindi and focuses on romantic plots. The plot of the series centers on two best friends who are destined to marry the same guy despite their many differences.

Parineetii Colors TV Serial

The narrative follows best friends Parineet & Neeti as they grow up in a typical Sikh home in North India. Tanvi Dogra, who will play the lead character of Parineet, is a timid, simple girl known as the ‘bholi bhaali,’ whereas Pari, his best friend, is a daredevil who lives life on her own terms.

Barnala, a tiny hamlet in Punjab, is the setting for the events of the Parineeti series. Neeti Juneja and Parineet Makar are best friends who share a body but not a soul. When compared to Parineet, who is pure and kind, Neeti is reckless and enthusiastic.

Rajeev Bajwa, a young guy, joins this group of pals, and everything changes. As a result of his generosity and sense of humour, Rajeev wins over the hearts of both of these women, and a love triangle develops between them. In the course of the plot, Rajeev finds himself in a position where he must wed both females.

Best friends Parineet Makkar & Neeti Juneja personify the saying “2 lives but 1 soul.”

Neeti, the child of a single parent, is a free-spirited, ambitious young woman, while her younger sister Parineet is a kind, compassionate, and innocent young lady.

People nickname the two young women a “Parineeti” because they are so close that no one can tell them apart, despite their very different personalities.  When Rajeev Bajwa comes into the picture, everything changes for these pals.

Rajeev, the kind, altruistic, and entertaining man that he is, wins Parineetii over, and the three of them form a love triangle. After some time and several events, Rajeev decides to marry both females.

You may watch the Parineeti series on Colors TV or online through the Voot app to learn more about it.


The show airs on Colors TV every Monday to Saturday at 10 PM

Cast Real Names

  • Tanvi Dogra as Neeti
  • Anchal Sahu as Pari
  • Ankur Verma as Rajeev
  • Vishal Solanki
  • Ashish Dixit
  • Sanjay swaraj
  • Jeetu Vazirani
  • Kaushal Kapoor
  • Dolly Sohi
  • Arpana Agarwal
  • Kajal Chauhan
  • Deepti Bhatnagar
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