Air Fryer Advantages and Disadvantages You Should Know

Everyone likes deep fried food. However, we all think once before we eat the deep fried food as it causes weight gain and other problems. To have guilt-free deep fried like food, air fryer is your best friend. You can have air fried food instead of deep fried. It uses less than 70% to 80% of oil than the deep fried food takes. Air fryer circulates hot air around food distributing heat evenly and forming crispy food. Sometimes, you cant even differentiate an air fried food with deep fried. Therefore, it has gained a lot of popularity especially among fitness freaks. As always, every thing has its own pros and cons.

Before buying a product, you need to know them and then take a decision. In this article, we are providing you with the advantages and disadvantages of using an air fryer.

Air Fryer Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of using air fryer

Below are some of the advantages of using air fryer.

Healthier Food: A traditional deep frying way of cooking consumes a lot of oil. You may require a gallon of oil. However, for the air fryer, you only need a tablespoon of oil. The hot air when circulating uses this oil and any excess oil is drained away. Therefore, oil doesn’t soak into your food. In this way, you can have healthier meals with less calories and fat.

Safe to use: Air fryers are definitely safe to use and are very convenient. With the traditional deep frying method, there are huge chances of oil splattering and burning your skin. There are instances where fire was also formed. With air fryers, you do not have to worry about such things. You just need to set the timer and temperature, rest is taken care by air fryer. Also, air fryer automatically gets turned off once timer is done which makes it very convenient. You can be elsewhere while your food is getting prepared.

Faster and efficient: Air fryers just take minutes to preheat and few more minutes to cook the food. The heat never escapes an air fryer, it stays inside and not lost to the air surrounding. This happens in traditional deep frying way. You need lot of time to heat the oil itself. As the hot air circulates the food, air fryer cooks much faster and with more efficiency. The Energy used is also efficient saving you some pennies.

Easy to clean: As air fryers consume very less oil, the basket inside air fryer doesn’t turn greasy. You just need to use some hot water and dish washing soap to clean it. With deep frying pans, the pans become oily and greasy making it difficult to clean.

Versatile usage: Air fryer can be used for different purposes like baking, reheating, roasting, grilling, air frying, stir frying, and many more. You can make just any recipe with air fryer very conveniently and easily.

Easy to Use: Air fryers are very easy to use. You just need to prepare your food, put it in the basket, set the temperature and timing and wait for it to cook. Even kids are using air fryers as it is easy and safe to use.

Space Saving: Air fryers are compact and are hardly 1 foot cubed size. This may be compared to coffee makers. So they occupy very less space and are much smaller than ovens. You can easily move it and store them wherever you want in your kitchen when not using.

Note: For a good experience always choose good brand air fryer.

Disadvantages of using air fryer

Below are some disadvantages of using air fryer.

Large families: Air fryers are not ideal for larger families. Most of the air fryers can make food for a maximum of 4 people. So, when you cook them in batches, you will need more time and by the next batch is ready, the first batch gets cold which is not at all appetizing. They are best for small families.

Quality: Most of the air fryers are made of plastic body and metal parts. They tend to wear of after using for some time. The fans, heating elements and controls tend to lose their functionality over time which makes air fryer useless.

Cost: Some of the high-end air fryers are costly in the market. However, it depends on your budget.

Difference in food: Air fried food might taste a bit different than deep fried food. Healthier food always tastes a bit off. Also, food might not be as crunchy as deep fried food. Sometimes, food might get burnt or dried out which doesn’t taste appetizing.

Time: Air fryers comparatively take 2 or 3 times more time than the deep fried food. However, to eat guilt-free food, we need to wait for some time.

These are our observations on pros and cons of using air fryer. Go through them and take a wise decision whether to buy an air fryer or not.

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