Why Canara Bank UPI Is Not Working? Here Is the Possible Fix

After the inception of the Unified Payment System or UPI in India, every bank has integrated this facility with their payment system. The UPI technology has taken the payment system of India to the next level. It allows you to perform banking transactions from anywhere at any time.

You don’t need to know the account number of the person to whom you want to transfer the money. You can transfer money by just knowing the UPI ID or VPA or the linked mobile number of the person to whom you want to send money. Also, you can send money to the person by scanning a QR code and authorizing the payment by entering your UPI PIN.

This way, this payment system enables people to transact the way they want. In fact, UPI technology is playing a significant role in the digital India initiative. You need to activate the service for your bank account and start using this hassle-free payment system.


Just like other banks, Canara bank also allows its customers to make UPI transactions from any place at any time. You can either use the bank’s appor other third-party apps such as Google Pay, Phonepe, or Paytm to use the UPI services. But what to do if your transaction fails?

Yes, many people have complained that they are experiencing failures when transacting using Canara bank UPI. Here is the possible fix for this issue.

Why Is Canara Bank UPI Not Working?

There can be several reasons why the Canara bank UPI is not working. This can happen if the UPI system of Canara bank is down or the UPI app you use for your transactions is under maintenance. Apart from that, there can be several other reasons for the failure of transactions.

Possible Fixes for Canara Bank UPI Not Working Issue

  • Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes the transaction can be canceled because of low or interrupted internet connection. So, you can try after some time when the connection restores.

  • The Bank Server Is Down or Busy

The payment can be failed if your bank’s server is experiencing a heavy load. So, you should wait for some time before retrying.

  • Update The App

If you are using any third-party app such as Paytm, Phonepe, BHIM or Google Pay, then there can be a problem with that app. So, you should update the app and retry the payment. In the case of the bank’s app, you have to update it and retry to make the payment.

  • Try After Some Time

If the app is in maintenance mode, then the payment can be failed. So, you should wait for some time and then try to make the payment again using the app you use.

  • Incorrect Payment Details

For a successful UPI payment, you will need to enter the correct UPI ID or mobile number. If the details you entered are incorrect, then the payment can get failed. So, you should double-check the payment details before you make the payment.

  • The Account Balance Is Not Sufficient

If you don’t have a sufficient balance in your account, the payment can’t proceed. So before making the payment, you must check your account balance once.

  • The Entered PIN Is Not Correct

You will need to enter your UPI PIN to authorize the payment. If you enter an incorrect pin, then the payment will be canceled. You can create a new PIN by using the Forgot UPI PIN option if you have forgotten your PIN.

Contact Canara Bank UPI Customer Care

Sometimes the issue may not be as simple you think. So, you can contact the customer care of Canara bank UPI if the issue doesn’t resolve after a few attempts. The customer care number of Canara bank is 1800 425 0018.