How to Calculate Correct Kitchen Chimney Size in India?

A kitchen chimney plays a vital role to maintain the kitchen clean and dust-free. Along with the kitchen, it helps in removing the smell of cooking oil from your home. Today`s modern kitchens are established with decorative and attractive interior and due to steam, heat, frying and boiling and other food methods, these can quickly worsen. So, you must think of installing a well-equipped cleaning formula that kept all the dust and smoke particles from the kitchen. Now the problem is what size chimney is suitable for the Indian kitchen. Well, the solution is that you can check your kitchen size, ceiling and space both in width and height.

A kitchen chimney is a modern technology that requires a wide filter area to work effectively. If you want your kitchen chimneys to work properly then you have a clear idea of your cooking area. If you still have confusion in calculating the perfect kitchen chimney size for your kitchen, then read the following tips:

1. Try to calculate accurate width, length and height of Kitchens

Right Kitchen Chimney Size

To calculate the right kitchen chimney size, our first important tips is that you should have a clear idea regarding your kitchen length, height and width. If you will have found a problem in evaluating, then you can take the help of an interior designer, constructor or home experts. Once you get a clear measurement, then you will have to calculate overall to know the accurate volume of the kitchen. The kitchen size is the prominent factor for determining the accurate kitchen chimney size.

2. Check Different Kitchen Chimney Size Charts

The best way to figure out an adequate size of kitchen chimney would be to learn about the size chart. It gives you a clear idea of what size will be the perfect one to suit your specific needs and provides better usability. A size chart is a second-best path to choose the right kitchen chimney. There are different types of chimneys available in the market that has different sizes and shapes. Each company offers a variety of sizes in chimneys that fulfil the requirement of customers. You can check such sizes either online or offline.

3. Types of Stoves

Whether you have a 3 burner gas stove or 5 burner stove in your kitchen but make sure you always consider a large size chimney. The kitchen chimney needs wide space to eliminate the dust and fumes from the kitchen. The size of the stove will let you know where you can install your kitchen chimney. If you have 3 burner stove, it creates lots of smoke and dust as compared to 2 burner stove. To reduce this problem, you should install a kitchen chimney at the right place. Make sure the gap between the stove and chimneys should be much higher. A large size chimney is an ideal option for all small and big kitchens. The optimal height of your chimney must be 60 to 80 cm if you have an electric stove in your kitchen. On the other hand, the height of the chimney must be 45 to 60 cm in case of having gas stoves.

4. Determine the chimney suction power

The suction power is a major aspect to find an ideal option for your kitchen. If suction power will be good then the chimney will work effectively. If you are finding the best chimney for your kitchen, you must check the suction power first. It may also help you to recognize a perfect choice that is suitable for the entire kitchen.

5. Check the size of the chimney zone

Apart from all volume of your kitchen, you must figure out the accurate size of the area where you want to establish the chimney. Most people install the chimney where their stove is located and have windows to take out the dust. You can hire a kitchen appliances professional. They can help you to figure the size of the kitchen chimney.


Kitchen chimneys are an ideal option to eliminate the dust and odour from different areas of the kitchen. As a kitchen chimney serve an essential role in cleaning the air, choosing the right size can double the benefits. The common issue people faced during the selection of the kitchen chimneys are with the chimney size. A large chimney for a small kitchen must be great but you are spending extra money for no reason because a medium-size chimney will be effective for the small kitchen. by reading our guidepost, you can eliminate such issues and find the perfect size.

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