Why is My OPPO A55 not Charging? How to fix it?

You’ve observed that your OPPO A55 smartphone is taking a long time to charge, or that it isn’t even charging. Troubleshooting techniques include things like utilizing the original charger, cleaning junk out of the charging cable, checking for running apps on your phone, and more! View the different solutions available to you to fix your android not charging and charging slowly by reading this article.

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Why isn’t the OPPO A55 charging?


Several factors can contribute to a slowdown or faulty charge of the phone, including:

  • The USB port has been damaged or is being affected by dust
  • The plugin the cord is not securely fastened
  • The cable wire has been deformed
  • The Android operating system is not functioning properly
  • The battery is malfunctioning
  • The processor is under a lot of strain
  • The phone is charging at the incorrect temperature setting.

Fortunately, you can resolve the issue regardless of the underlying cause. You can resolve the problem on your own, without the need for professional assistance.

If the smartphone has not been exposed to water (which is the cause of charging issues), it is recommended that it be checked from the outside. It’s also possible that the bulging of the case is due to a malfunctioning battery.

Best ways to fix OPPO A55 not charging

While your phone is charging, avoid using it.

When you use and charge your phone at the same time, the effects of charge/discharge cancel each other out, resulting in a longer charging period for your phone. It’s important to note that leaving your phone in both the charging and discharging states at the same time will cause battery capacity to degrade significantly.

You should not completely charge up or discharge your smartphone at the same time.

When a battery is completely depleted, it may enter a deep discharge condition, which makes it incapable of retaining a charge for any length of time. If you continue to charge your smartphone after it has been charged up for an extended time, the power supply might lose some capacity, resulting in lower battery life on the contrary.

If the battery is detachable, it should be reinstalled.

If your smartphone has a battery that can be removed, take it out. If it is damaged, this indicates that your phone requires service; go here to find the location of the nearest service center. If this is the case, reinstall it & try again.

Install the most recent version of the software.

Any modification to the current applications can harm battery life. The most recent version of the software is always designed to conserve battery life. A new update may be able to resolve your issue, so all you have to do is upgrade your device.

When charging an OPPO phone, follow these best practices.

  • Make use of the OPPO charging cord and USB adapter that is included with the device. It is possible that third-party accessories will not be suitable with OPPO devices and would cause issues.
  • Check for indicators of damage on your power cord and USB adapter, such as breakage or bent prongs, before using them. Don’t utilize accessories that have been damaged. Use a charging cord and USB adapter that are both new and undamaged.
  • To test your charging cable and USB wall adapter connections, plug them into a wall plug socket and make sure they are secure. If they are not secure, try another wall power socket.
  • Remove any dirt from the charger on the base of your device, and then firmly insert the charging cable into the charging cable on the bottom of the device. If the connecting port on your device is damaged, your gadget likely requires service.
  • If you’re powering your smartphone with a pc, make sure you use the original OPPO charging cable that came with your phone.


Following these instructions will reduce the likelihood of some problems with your smartphone’s charging arising in the future, especially if you have an older smartphone. Take good care of your smartphone and keep in mind that the phone, like you, requires rest.

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