Why Is My Oneplus 9 RT Not Charging? How To Fix It?

Smartphones are widely used by everyone. With this small device, you can still communicate with your family and friends. Any system, though, will eventually lose its charge. It appears that all that is required is that the gadget is connected to its Charger cord and that the procedure is allowed to run its course.

Despite this, the OnePlus 9 RT phone has been known to not charge completely. In this case, what should you do and how should you fix the problem?

OnePlus 9 RT

Reasons why OnePlus 9 RT fails to charge

1. Unable to recognize charging cord

Because it has been connected to a charger, the OnePlus One is unable to charge or does not recognize the presence of a power cord.

Your phone’s battery may be unable to be recharged if the charging cord has failed or has become damaged. Attempting to charge your smartphone by connecting it to a laptop or tablet may have resulted in the device not receiving enough power to function properly. Instead of connecting to a computer or tablet, use a wall outlet to get the optimum charging results.

 Step1: If the phone is still not charging, inspect the cord for signs of wear or damage. If you see any damage to the charging wire, consider using an alternative charging cable to see if it helps.

Step2: You will need to secure a new replacement for your faulty cable if your cord is at fault and utilizing a different cable does not solve the problem.

2. Obstructed or malfunctioning Micro USB port

OnePlus 9 RT charging problems can be caused by a malfunctioning Micro USB Port on your device. If your OnePlus 9 RT is still not charging, it’s conceivable that your device’s Micro USB Port is the source of the problem.

Step1: Examine the Micro USB connector on your OnePlus 9 RT device for any debris that may have gotten into it. Using a swab, tweezers, or compressed air, remove any material that has accumulated in the Micro – USB.

Step 2: If this does not address your problem, your device may have a faulty Micro USB port. You could either approach OnePlus Customer Support or attempt to change it yourself by following the instructions in the OnePlus 9 RT Micro USB Port Replacement manual.

3. Defective Battery

If your device is still not charging, the problem may be with the battery. While several smartphone models have easily replaceable batteries, the power in the OnePlus 9 RT is built into the device to prevent it from being removed accidentally. It becomes more difficult to replace faulty batteries as a result of this. Use the OnePlus 9 RT Battery Replacement guide to do a DIY battery replacement on your phone.

4. Blockages & Deformation in charging port

Use a flashlight to illuminate the USB port on the smartphone. Check the gadget for deformations and blockages on the interior of it. If required, clean its USB connector with tweezers or another thin object to avoid damaging the phone. Immediately call the repair services if you are experiencing an emergency, such as a bloated battery or another serious issue. Likely, repairing a smartphone like this is no longer an option. To avoid this, the state of the device should be closely monitored while it is in use.

However, as a consequence of the USB being out of commission, the phone charge time may no more increase the percentage of battery that is charged. Even if the cord appears to be in good condition, you can experiment with an alternative cable and charger. This will usually result in the charging process being restored to its proper functioning when these things have been exchanged.

5. Another fixing alternative

If the charger, USB connection, the OnePlus 9 RT smartphone connector, and the device’s battery do not appear to be the source of the problem, you can continue your software investigation. It is common for charging problems to occur as a result of problems with the Android operating system. In this scenario, you can resolve the problem by restoring the system to its factory settings:

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Click on “Recovery & reset”.
  • Select the “Reset settings” option.

The method completely deletes all of the data from the storage. It is recommended that you create a backup copy of your data through the settings menu to avoid losing essential information.

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