Why is My Vivo X70 Not Charging? How to Fix it?

Vivo X70 is the latest device from Vivo, and it is being sold as a device for gaming and professional photography. It is a 5G phone that is loaded with a massive 4450 mAh battery. The AMOLED display is very clear, and the selfie camera has a 32 MP sensor. At the rear, there are four cameras with 50 MP, 2 x 12MP and an 8 MP camera. The phone means serious performance.

You also get a 44 watt Flash Charger with this phone, making it super quick to charge the phone. In usual cases, the phone charges very quickly, but if you encounter an issue with the charger, we are here to help you. In the next section, we have shared how you can troubleshoot the charging issue with your Vivo X70.

Troubleshooting Vivo X70 Not Charging Issue

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After a complete analysis, we have listed the common issues you may encounter while chargingVivo X70. Check out the details below, and we are sure that it will resolve your problem.

1. Slow Charging

If Vivo X70 is charging slowly, then try the following tricks. Ensure that the cable and the power supply is proper. Ensure that the processor is not loaded heavily. Like, you are not on a video call, playing games or streaming movies. If you are charging your phone during these activities, then it would certainly be slower. Lastly, ensure that the phone is not overheating because of the usage on a charge. Rectifying these things should solve the problem for you.

2. Broken Charger

The next issue could be with the charger. Check for the deformation or cuts on the cable and check if the power brick is alright. You can also check if there is dust or corrosion on the charging pin. Try using a different charger along with the power brick. You can also clean the charging pin and give it a try. These things should work, and if it is a charger issue, the problem will be solved.

3. Hardware Issue

There could also be a hardware issue associated with the phone. Check for the dust in the charging point or check if the pins are intact or now. To solve this, you can clear the dust with a pin or something similar. If the pins are broken, then you would need to visit the service centre. Also, if you notice that the battery is not working, you would have to visit the service centre.

4. Software Issue

The last thing to check for is the software issue. You can try restarting the phone, and if this doesn’t work, you should reset the phone. To reset the phone, open the settings and click on the recovery & reset button. Once that is done, you can click on reset settings. This will start the reset process. Please note that it is advisable to run a backup before you start the reset, or else there is a risk of data loss.

Final Verdict

We have talked about the major issues that you may have, which could impact the charging of the Vivo X70. If the charging issue is still not resolved, then we would recommend reaching out to customer services. They can help you repair the phone, especially if the charging port is damaged. You should avoid getting the repairs from third party partners and instead get the phone repaired at an authorized service centre only.

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