Top 10 Best Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Some things remain so close to our heart irrespective of their cost and affordability. Despite the cost, the demand for them is always high. The desire to own them pushes us to extend our limits. We do everything to own the same and feel proud after owning them. Diamond jewelry is one such thing that is high value and not affordable by all who desires for the same is. While there are many metals using which jewels are made, Diamond is one stone that is considered as invaluable all around the world. Women feel so proud to own diamond jewelry that they plan for the cash requirement to purchase the same on a short term basis.

How To Choose The Perfect Diamond Jewellery

Many people believe that buying an engagement diamond is one of the most significant investments they will ever make, second only to purchasing a home or a car. It is also an unfamiliar item to the majority of people. When viewing jewels with your own eyes, you will be able to appreciate their stunning beauty & elusive quality like no other.

Consider the following factors while choosing the perfect diamond jewellery:

  1. Weight in carats

Carat weight is commonly used to quantify weight equal to approximately 0.2 grams. Points are divided into 100 carats in a carat. As a result, a diamond with 75 points would then weigh 0.75 carats total. The greater the weight of the diamond, the more valuable it is.

  1. Color

It is determined by how closely a diamond’s color approaches colorlessness that it is valued. Only fancy-colored diamonds are an exception to this rule. The scale starts with D, which represents colorlessness and is the best. Increasing the presence of color results in the grading being moved down the letters to Z.

  1. Clarity

The existence of inner inclusions or outer blemishes in a diamond is referred to as the clarity of the diamond. The G.I.A. scale consists of 11 diamond clarity grades, with flawless being the highest. An Imperfect 3 diamond is the lowest possible diamond grade. Each of these diamonds exhibits a variety of easily distinguishable flaws and imperfections.

  1. Cut

The diamond shape is the starting point for the cut. The proportions, symmetry, and polish of the diamond are the most important characteristics of its cut. The brightness, fire, & scintillation of a diamond are all affected by the quality of the diamond’s cut.

  1. Grading system

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) introduced a grading scale of diamond cut in 2005 that became the industry standard for the round brilliant precious gems within the D to Z color range. The quality of diamond cut ranges from outstanding to poor.

A grading system developed by the G.I.A. is the most efficient classification system in the world. When buying your engagement diamond, it is equally important to work with a knowledgeable diamond professional. Subtle variations can have a significant impact on the value of a diamond.

  1. Ask an expert

 A one-on-one connection with a diamond expert is essential for consumers to determine whether or not the diamond they are purchasing matches the performance represented in the study and whether or not it represents the best value.

For example, if you want to purchase a diamond to commemorate a professional achievement, a simple round-shaped diamond would be appropriate for the occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect diamond jewelry for your mother, choosing a pear or oval-shaped diamond will offer your jewels a contemporary feel while also ensuring that the diamond has excellent clarity. And if you are planning to propose to your lover, there seems to be no better piece of jewelry to choose than a solitaire.

Keep in mind that the occasion should always be taken into consideration before deciding on the diamond jewelry form, sculpt, cut, and carat.

List of top Diamond Jewellery brands in India

10. Rivaaz Jewelry

Rivaaz jewellery

Rivaaz Jewelry is considered as one of the best jewelry when it comes to Diamond Jewelry. The wide range of diamond jewels available in exquisite designs makes it a famous brand among the other jewels in the arena. Despite the range of designs, the diamond jewelry is highly affordable by all sects of people. The diamond jewelry from Rivaaz is preferred by women for many occasions that are unique to India’s culture.

9. Parineeta Diamond Jewelry

Parineeta Diamond

An extension of Gitanjali Jewels Ltd, Parineeta Diamond Jewelry focus in manufacturing unique designs that can make any occasion attractive. They specialize in neck pieces that are tightly adorned with precious diamonds. Parineeta sells diamond jewelry online also. The many diamond items sold in Parineeta make it a preferred choice of customers. The name acts as a brand for the jewelry owing to the high quality diamonds it uses.

8. Diya Diamond Jewelry

Diya Diamond Jewelry

Another jewelry house from the house of Gitanjali Gems Ltd. Diya Diamond Jewellery is famous for its light weight Diamond jewelry that comes in competitive designs. The Mangal Sutra produced by Diya Diamond Jewelry is a huge hit among the Indian women who prefer the same over the other similar brands available in the market.

7. Josco Group

Josco Group

Josco Group is a famous jeweler group based out of Kerala. Josco Group deals with Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond jewels and all products are BIS and Hallmarked jewels. Josco Group has won many awards for its quality in India and abroad.  Their success also is attributed to their emphatic presence all over India. Josco Group has many jewelry shops established across India in different names and remains a profit making company among the many others.

6. Kalyan Jewelers

Kalyan Jewelers

Established as a simple jewelry shop in the early nineties, Kalyan Jewelers is today a huge brand that is spread across India. Kalyan is not only present in India, but its huge global presence has made it a dependable brand. Kalyan recently established a ‘My Kalyan Mini Stores’ which sells exclusive diamond jewelry that is light weight and affordable. Kalyan Jewelers today is associated with many famous personalities who vouch for the quality of jewels made by Kalyan.

5. TBZ


TBZ is one of the pioneers in the Diamond industry. This jewel brand was established in 1864 in Mumbai first. From then onwards, the superior quality diamond jewels provided by the brand has made it one of the best in the diamond jewelry market. TBZ is today, one of the leading diamond brand jewelry which makes its own superior quality diamond jewels in stunning designs. Thousands of customers prefer to stay with TBZ for the superior quality diamond jewels that make occasions shine brightly in a vivid manner.

4. Malabar

malabar jewellery

One of the successful diamond jewelry brands in India, Malabar has its own gold and diamond showrooms spread in many locations around India. Malabar makes Diamond Jewelry that BIS and Hall mark quality. Malabar brand, that was started in the year 1993 is today one of the leading manufacturer of diamond jewelry. Malabar Jewelry has many branches around India and has spread its wings abroad too.

3. P C Chandra

P C Chandra

P C Chandra is not an ordinary jewelry brand. It does not only make gold jewelry but also deals with gem stone varieties for people to get benefited based on astrology. The brand has ties with many leading astrologers. Through this arrangement, they complement astrology as well as their gem sales. The diamond jewelry they deal with has traditional designs combined with the contemporary style. P C Chandra is adorned for its highest quality diamonds used in making various types of jewelry.

2. Bhima Jewelers

Bhima Jewellery

Bhima Jewelers has an established presence in South Indian states more than the other states of India. Established as early as 1925, the Diamond Jewelry produced by them is of superior quality. The stunning designs in which diamond jewelry are produced by Bhima Jewelers are considered authentic and trustworthy. Bhima Jewelers today is a diamond jewelry brand that has thousands of customers thronging it for its exquisitely designed jewelry.

1. Tanishq


A jewelry group from the famous TATA house, Tanishq today is one of the best Diamond jewelry brands in India. Established in 1994, the brand has been consistently performing in a profitable manner by selling superior quality diamond and gold jewelry. The world class designs with which these diamond jewelry are produced in Tanishq has made it number one jewelry shop in India. It is an ISO certified jewelry brand which gives its customers trustworthy and authentic jewelry.

The above mentioned names are the best Diamond Jewelry brands available in the country.You can buy Diamond Jewelry from retail stores and online stores both.

Different Types Of Diamond Jewellery In India

Each wearer of jewellery brings their story and significance to the item. To some, it may be nothing more than a fashion statement, while to others, it acts like their identity.

Beautiful diamond jewelry may take an outfit from OK to unforgettable in an instant. Since diamonds may be used to complement a wide variety of outfits, stocking up on a few pieces of diamond jewelry helps relieve tension while getting dressed.

The different types of diamond jewelry for every socialite are as follows.

  • Diamond stud earrings

A pair of beautiful diamond stud earrings is an item of jewellery that is a must-have for every lady. Wearing diamond studs to a party doesn’t need an expert eye for style.

Dressing up may be as simple as throwing on a pretty dress and a set of diamond earrings whether you’re in a rush or simply don’t feel like putting in the effort.

  • Diamond nose pins

Diamond nose pins may be found in a wide range of forms, including flowers and stars.

These nose pins are made by fusing the precious stones with metals such as white gold, Rose gold, and platinum. When you’re going for a striking appearance, don’t settle for tiny, inconspicuous nose pins; instead, go for ones that are both large and distinctive in design.

  • Diamond rings

A diamond ring’s significance is not limited to marriage or engagement. Diamond rings are the most impressive of all jewellery, one should have it in their jewelry box for sure.

  • Diamond necklaces

A stunning diamond necklace is the perfect accessory to any party dress. A stunning diamond necklace may transform even the most basic ensemble into a show-stopper at a party.

If you pick a diamond necklace with just the perfect amount of sparkle and heft, you won’t feel a thing; no matter how late the night goes. Whenever you want to draw attention to your stunning neck, a diamond necklace is your best choice.

  • Diamond bracelets

A diamond bracelet is a classic piece of jewelry that is both understated and eye-catching. Bracelets are a great accessory to wear to any party since they complement almost any dress and provide a touch of femininity.

If you’re in the market for getting a diamond bracelet to complement your evening attire, we recommend that you go no further than this double-peacock design studded diamond bracelet.

  • Diamond bangles

Here’s another piece of jewelry debunking the stereotype that only costume jewelry may be worn to formal events. Not many people would think to wear bangles to a party, but no one said you had to bring many.

You may round off your ensemble for a party with nothing more noticeable than a big diamond bracelet. Diamond bangles are a gorgeous accent to any party attire because of their delicate beauty and the expert craftsmanship that goes into their creation.

Diamond jewelry is timeless and always a good idea. If you’re just getting started in the jewelry collecting world, some staple diamond pieces might be a good place to start. Wear them to the office, around the house, to special occasions, and even to the club.

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