Top 10 Best Modular Kitchen Fitting Brands in India 2020

Over the past few years, traditional kitchens have lost their popularity. Today most of the people avoid choosing a traditional kitchen because a traditional kitchen sometimes fades the elegance of the whole house. So, these people opt to have a modular kitchen as they are elegant, attractive, and well arranged.

Modular kitchen comes with numerous features that were never offered by the traditional kitchens. Some of these exclusive features are great functionality, culinary drawers, and crockery drawers. Modular kitchens also come in different shape, size, and attractive colours. However, the modular setting makes the kitchen look stylish and appealing to see and cook as well.

One of the notable features of a modular kitchen setting is that it comes with infinite colour patterns; make your kitchen look modern, well-planned, and organized. Today the Indian market has many manufacturers that provide modular kitchen settings. If you are planning to install a modular kitchen in your house here is the list of 10 best brands worth considering.

10. Ebco

Ebco is one of the best modular kitchen brands functioning in India. This brand is also one of the best certified brands for kitchen utilities and modern finishing. This brand is well-known for its products and the best in class patterns that can satisfy any needs of the customers. Kitchen system and accessories, hinges, drawers, drawer slides and cupboard accessories are some of the top rated products from this brand.


9. Haecker

Haecker is one of the best modular kitchen brands providing their service in India. This brand has a 13 year reputation for manufacturing and installing the modular kitchens in India. One of notable service provided by this brand is that they manufacture and install customized modular kitchen setting as per the design and instruction from the customers. This German brand provides two types of modular kitchen settings, classic ART which is budget friendly and systemART that is premium quality.


8. Johnson Kitchens

Johnson Kitchens is one of the best modular kitchen brands providing their service in India. This brand is a foray of H&R Johnson (India) and this brand markets modular kitchens exported from one of the largest German manufacturer. Majority of the products from this brand is customized for the end-user. One of the notable features of this brand is that they provide European standard modular kitchens in India with a price tag not less than 3 lakh. But, the products manufactured under this brand in India come with a price tag 60,000+.


7. Kohler

Kohler is one of the best Modular kitchen brands providing their products in India. One of the best things about this brand is that the brand maintains a six-continent distribution network that supplies and provides services to the customers all over the world. This brand is well-known for the state of the art kitchen faucets and modular kitchen settings. Kohler products boast style and function that blends immensely into your kitchens atmosphere and provides a very soothing kitchen experience.


6. Evok

This is one of the brands that played an important role in manufacturing modernised kitchen for customers with various taste and demands. This brand also offers the latest kitchen products and other accessories. This brands modular kitchen has always maintained a consistency in quality and design. One of the most attractive features of this brand and its service is that they can convert any boring kitchen into a modern kitchen with an excellent style statement.


5. IFB

Unlike all the other brands providing modular kitchen services, the modular kitchens provided by this manufacturer is tailor-made to fit any customer needs. One of the notable feature of this brand is that the products comes in almost all budget range and the team of experts from this brand designs every product in consultation with the customers. This brand also provides option for customers to shop online.


4. Hafele

Hafele is one of the best modular kitchen brands providing their products and services in India. This brand offers best German manufactured kitchenware’s with wide range of specifications. Majority products from this manufacturer are latest and customizable according to the customers’ requirements. One of the notable features of their products is that they boast premium quality and provide large storage space. This brand has an installation and service facility in almost all major cities in our nation.


3. Hettich

Hettich is one of the top leading modular kitchen brands in the Indian market right now. This brand provides numerous services and products that can make your kitchen look elegant and attractive. The Hettich brand provides products with numerous functionalities and huge range of ideas. One of notable feature of Hettich products is that they are customizable according to customer’s requirements.


2. Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is one of the best modular kitchen product and service providers in India. This brand provides products with exclusive designs and quality. The brand basically deals with the latest and most efficient modular kitchen products and other accessories. One of the notable features of the Godrej Interio modular kitchen products is that they provide impressive storage facilities that are flexible and easy to use.


1. Sleek

Sleek is one of top and best modular kitchen brand providing their products and services in India. This brand provides modular kitchen that boasts excellent architectural look and global finishing. This brand also has a reputation for transforming boring kitchens to elegant and attractive modern kitchens. A sleek branded modular kitchen is bold with wood finishing and comes in various styles. Classic English is one such type of style offered by this brand.


All the above-mentioned brands were selected on the basis of number of sales and customer reviews. The details mentioned under each brand were collected from various websites including the official brand website.