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In India, Bhogi is an important festival and occasion. It is celebrated on the fourth day of the Makarsankranti festival. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in parts of Karnataka, Kerela, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. It is the day dedicated to Lord Indra. We all know that Indra is the god of rain. The farmers worship him. This is done to bring rain, and that will help in the proper growth of the crops. This will benefit the farmers to run their families by selling the produce.

Bhogi Date For Year 2024

Every year this festival is celebrated in all parts of the southern and western part of India. Similarly, in 2024, Bhogi will be celebrated on the 14th day of January 2024. The day is Sunday. You can start the puja right from 2.54 am. Please start puja from that time. The other name of this festival is Bhogi Pandigai. The main aim of this festival is to bring transformation, purification, and realization. It is also known from various sources that Lord Buddha died during this festival. This day is an auspicious period.

A complete overview of the Bhogi festival


As you all know Bhogi is a common festival of western and southern India, because on this day Lord Indra is worshiped. He is worshipped for getting abundant harvest and cultivation during this period. This day is known as Indran. During this time, people get engaged in cleaning their home and giving it a new look. They collect all the unwanted items and throw them away from the house.

On the first day of Bhogi, puja is performed before the paddy field. All the farmers worship the sun and earth together. They make a sandalwood paste. Instead the harvesting tools are immersed with kumkum and sandalwood paste. It is then worshipped before Lord Indra.  Soon after the puja, the farmers sacrifice their new harvesting tools by cutting the fresh cultivated rice. Another essential ritual is performed on the second day of the festival. The unwanted products collected from the house are given and thrown on the fire. A bonfire is made with all these items. The girls of the village dance around the bonfire and sing all religious songs. It looks great.

People also make multiple rangolis in their houses and decorate them in the best possible manner. The rangolis are made with the flour of the fresh and harvested paddy. It adds extra flavor to the festival. The Bhogi festival is believed to bring prosperity and good luck to the farmer’s house. The festival is known by various names in different states. The preparation for the celebration starts a few days before. The women buy new clothes and jewelries. They take a bath in the river early in the morning of the festival.

Bhogi is a beautiful day for the farmers. They take the blessings of Lord Indra to harvest a good amount of crops. This day is celebrated beautifully in various other parts of India. Traditional and authentic dishes are prepared to make the celebration much memorable.


  1. What is Bhogi?
    • Bhogi is the first day of the four-day Pongal festival, a harvest festival celebrated in South India, particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu.
  2. When is Bhogi celebrated?
    • Bhogi is celebrated on the last day of the Tamil month of Margazhi, which usually falls on January 13th or 14th in the Gregorian calendar.
  3. What is the significance of Bhogi?
    • Bhogi marks the beginning of the Pongal festival and is dedicated to Lord Indra, the god of rain. It is a day of gratitude for the harvest and a time for cleaning and discarding old items to make way for the new.
  4. How is Bhogi celebrated?
    • People wake up early and decorate their homes with kolams (rangoli) and mango leaves. They light a bonfire, known as Bhogi Mantalu, using old and unwanted materials. This bonfire symbolizes the disposal of the past and the start of a new cycle.
  5. What is Bhogi Mantalu?
    • Bhogi Mantalu is a bonfire lit on the day of Bhogi. People gather around this fire and offer prayers to Lord Indra, seeking his blessings for a bountiful harvest. They also throw old possessions into the fire, symbolizing the removal of negativity and old habits.
  6. Are there any specific foods associated with Bhogi?
    • Yes, special foods like sugarcane, sesame seeds, and yams are associated with Bhogi. People prepare traditional dishes like Pongal, a sweet rice dish, to mark the festival.
  7. Is Bhogi celebrated only in Tamil Nadu?
    • While Bhogi is predominantly celebrated in Tamil Nadu, it is also observed in other South Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka as part of the Pongal festival.
  8. Are there any cultural events or rituals associated with Bhogi?
    • Bhogi is a day for family gatherings and cultural events. People visit temples, perform traditional dances, and engage in various festive activities to celebrate the harvest season.
  9. Is Bhogi a public holiday in India?
    • Bhogi itself is not a public holiday, but the Pongal festival, which includes Bhogi, is widely celebrated, and in some regions, there may be local holidays or reduced working hours.
  10. How does Bhogi contribute to environmental sustainability?
    • The tradition of burning old and unwanted items in the Bhogi Mantalu bonfire serves as a symbolic act of cleansing and also promotes the idea of recycling and reducing waste.
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