List of Rudra Boom Chik Chik Boom Cartoon Characters & Cast Names

The show called Boom Chik Chik Boom, also known as Rudra. It is an animated TV serial produced for Nickelodeon by the Green Gold Animation. It started on the network in 2008. The show premiered on Nickelodeon on June 11, 2018.

The story revolves around a 7 year aged magician called Rudra, who stayed with his grandpa, Jai Singh in the mystical place called Sun City, where he learns magic.

Characters of Boom Chik Chik Boom show

rudra cartoon

Rudra: The heir to Jai Singh’s powers & kingdom, he is a very kind adorable smart seven year old child who is regarded as the courageous defender. Rudra is the son of Jai Singh and the grandson of Jai Singh. Extremely hardworking, and he is constantly ready to learn everything he can from his grandfather.

Yuvreena– She is Rudra’s mother.

Yuvraj: He is Rudra’s father; he is indeed the child of Jai Singh.

Jai Singh: He is Rudra’s loving grandfather. He wants his grandchild to be a decent human being.

Shakaal: In the world of Kaal, Shakaal is the leader of the city, and he has always desired to conquer Sun City.

Varun: He is Rudra’s best friend Varun is among Rudra’s closest confidantes. He and Rudra are of one age.

Maira– The character Maira is Rudra’s best friend & she has a thing for him.

Zoga: He acts as a Shakaal’s right-hand; he is also a comic actor with a hunchback.

Rangeela: He is Jai Singh’s loyal henchman as well as his housekeeper.

Ching Li: He is the ruler of Sun City and is the most powerful person in the world.

Sapola: Although Sapola is Shakaal’s snake, he continues to masquerade as Shakaal’s wooden staff.

Shakleena: You can spot her as Shakaal’s younger sister.

Joddy: You can call him as Jenny’s brother and Shakleena’s son.

Jenny: Jenny is Shakleena’s daughter, and she lives in the United States.

Zim and Zum: They are Rudra’s squirrels who are his pets. They can communicate and can manipulate natural vegetation. These pets have the ability to smell and detect danger when it is close by.

Book Protector: He is the guardian of the library of Magical Books.

Alazaar Sir: Thank you very much. He is a Magician Librarian at the library of magical books, and he has a lot of books. Alazaar Sir a wise individual.

Madam Kanungo: You can find her as a principal of academy called Advance Magic.
Miss Melody:
Call her as Rudra’s music teacher, and she is a lovely lady.

Eagle Men: A group of men known as the Eagle Men guard the Academy of Advance Magic, keeping the institution safe from evil.

Miss Security: She acts like a security instructor at Advanced Magic Academy, and she is the one who assigns detention to students who violate the school’s rules.

All the characters in this show are interesting. It’s fun to see how Rudra handles every situation and proves his worth every time.

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