Bihar is the only place in India where you will get a number of traditional foods that existed during the early Indian civilization. The fertile soil of this land has given birth to many good products. You can try some of the best products or foods that were traditionally preferred by the people. The Bihari people will always love to have the traditional foods of this state. If you have tried the traditional foods of this state you will fall in love with these foods. The traditional food of this state is as old as 2000 years.

Try the best and traditional foods of Bihar:

In this part, you will learn about some of the best and traditional foods of Bihar. Let us try with some of the noted ones.

Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is one of the most traditional foods of Bihar. It is loved by a majority of people who are from Bihar. However, now you can get the famous Liti Chokha from any other places in India. Litti is a smoked and round shape food which is available in grilled form. The inside of Litti is filled with sattu. This increases the taste of the food to a considerable extent. This food is also served with a chutney. You must try it once you are at Bihar. It is available in thali form.


Sattu is also another food of this region. It is often taken by the people who is originally from Bihar. It is also cheap and can be easily taken in liquid form. Sattu is also taken during the summer months. This keeps the body cool and soothing to a great extent. Sattu is also rich in protein, magnesium, calcium and it has a number of essential ingredients. This is always good for your health.

Chana ghughni

Chana ghughni is another traditional food of Bihar. It is mostly preferred by the Biharis. You can also take it along with rotis or chapatis. It can also be taken as an evening snacks item. Chana Ghughni has some nutritional food values. This is why the Biharis love to have it at least once in the week. They prepare it with some spices and masalas.

You must also try the Dal pitha which is the staple food of the Biharis.  It is made with rice, flour, maida and other items. They are mostly steamed. You will also get a stuffing of various foods in this Dal pitha. If you are from Assam, you must already know about it.

The mutton kebabs are also available and a traditional food of Bihar. They are prepared in grilled form. You can have it in a number of hotels and restaurants of Bihar. Once you are in Bihar you must try with these kebabs that are made in this place.

Have you ever tried the Malpua of Bihar. They are so tasty and amazing that you would love to have it. The Malpua is dipped into a syrup that increases the sweetness of the product.

Thus, it is now clear that Bihar have some of the amazing dishes that increases the demand of this place.

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