If you’re looking for a culinary adventure, Odisha is the place for you. The state’s rich culture and history is reflected in its cuisine, which is a unique blend of Indian and Bengali flavors. From hearty curries to delicious desserts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Here are some of the traditional foods you’ll find in Odisha. Dalma is a type of vegetable stew that is popular in Odisha. It is made with a variety of vegetables, including eggplant, pumpkin, and potatoes, and is often served with rice.

Bhaja is a type of fried snack that is popular in Odisha. It is made with a variety of vegetables, including eggplant, pumpkin, and potatoes.

Pakhala is a type of rice dish that is popular in Odisha. It is made with a variety of vegetables, including eggplant, pumpkin, and potatoes, and is often served with a curry.

Chhena poda is a type of dessert that is popular in Odisha. It is made with cottage cheese, sugar, and spices, and is often served with a sweet sauce.

The list of traditional food in Odisha is:

1. Khichdi


Khichdi, as it is known in various other Indian states, is a quick and healthy option for dinner. Odisha khicede is a staple of the Puri Temple’s oblations to Lord Jagannath in the form of the major bhog. Cooking rice and lentils in ghee creates a delicious and unusual flavour. This hearty dish is not only delicious but also very healthy. This mouthwatering dish is mildly spicy and pairs well with curd and papad.

2. Chungdi Malai

Well, as the name implies, the focus here is on the creamy prawn curry, which gets its silky texture from coconut milk. This delicious dish is elevated by the addition of light and mild spices, which give it their own distinct flavour in addition to the dish’s natural richness and silkiness.

 Simply delicious; it has a lot of flavour and makes your mouth swim. If you find yourself in or near Odisha, you really must have this delicacy, which goes particularly well with steaming basmati rice.

3. Macha Ghanta

Macha Ghanta, a traditional fish dish in Odisha, is enjoyed by people of all castes and economic backgrounds. Curry made from the fish’s fried head, served with steaming rice and salad, is a traditional Dussehra offering to the goddess Durga Maa. Onions, potato, garlic, as well as the typical spices go into making this curry.

 Vegans and vegetarians can prepare a “Ghanta” without fish. You won’t find a better version of this meal anywhere else, and you’ll be tempted to indulge in it as often as possible while you’re in Odisha.

4. Dalma

Yes, Dalma! You seem to have an insatiable appetite for dal. However, in Odisha, a special twist is added to this staple cuisine. Neither onion nor garlic is used in this dish’s preparation. Instead, roasted moong dal is used.

A cup of vegetables and some standard spices are added to give it a delicious flavor. Pumpkin, yam, plantain, and papaya are common vegetables that do wonders for your health. In most cases, this dish is served with rice and is guaranteed to leave you feeling full and satisfied.

5. Pakhala Bhata

During the warm summer months, practically every family in Odisha eats Pakhala Bhata for lunch. Cooked rice is soaked in water & sour curd to make this dish. Badi choora is a type of dried urad and black gramme that is served with potato, fried fish, papad, and other nutty accompaniments.

This fermented rice dish is great for cooling down on hot summer days. On March 20th, Odias everywhere celebrate Pakhala Dibasa by breaking out the state’s signature dish to ring in the arrival of summer. We strongly recommend trying this delicious dish.

6. Gupchup

It is commonly called Panipuri in the western part of India, Puchka in Bengali, Golgappa in the north, and Gupchup in Odisha. This easy-to-make food is so ubiquitous that it hardly needs an introduction.

Small, crisp puris made with suji, maida, and atta dough are served with chana masala , khatta Jal jeera, making up a widely consumed street snack. It is an ageless and universally popular snack or meal. Cheap and filling, gupchup is a staple in your culture, inspiring regular street-side eating competitions. It’s universally acknowledged as the best option.

7. Chhena Poda

Cheesecake made in Odisha’s own tradition! Odisha’s specialty sweet, Chhena Poda, is likewise revered by Lord Jagannath and is regularly presented to him as an offering at the famous Puri Temple. Cottage cheese, semolina, and sugar syrup that have been burned are truly mind-blowing.

The distinctive flavor of Chhena Poda is brought out by the caramelized sugar throughout the several hours it takes to bake this unusual delicacy to a deep crimson. This food, which can be found just about anywhere, is sold because it is quick, simple, and delicious.


Odisha is known for its flavorful dishes which are available in both sweet and spicy flavors. Try these yummylicious dishes whenever you get a chance to explore Odisha.

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