Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India, has been home to the spiritual and cultural heritage of almost all communities and beliefs. The state has stupas, forts, palaces, innumerable monuments and intricately carved temples. Madhya Pradesh has everything from miles of lush green forests to flowing rivers to mighty mountain ranges. Under the forest cover, the state offers an exciting and unique panorama of wildlife. Every travel enthusiast can take a splendid experience of river cruises, caravan tours, water sports, tribal life, and light and sound shows in Madhya Pradesh.

Apart from the rich culture and history, the cuisine of Madhya Pradesh has a variety of traditional food inspired by the food of neighbouring states, especially Rajasthan. Let’s take a look at some of the famous traditional food of Madhya Pradesh.

List of top Madhya Pradesh Food that you absolutely can’t miss eating:

1. Bhutte Ke Kees

Bhutte Ke Kees

The signature dish of Madhya Pradesh, corn ke Kees is delicious and healthy. It is made by cooking corn kernels in skimmed milk, coconut and spices. The primary ingredients used to enhance the spicy flavour of this dish include green chillies and mustard seeds. Bhuttey Ke Kees is considered the most delicious street food in MP. You can visit Joshi Dahi Bada, located at Sarafa Bazar, Indore, to eat the best corn kees.

2. Poha Jalebi

Apart from MP, Poha Jalebi is famous in many other North Indian states. The poha recipe is garnished with namkeen served with crispy jalebis which gives a great start to your morning. Although Poha is a famous breakfast, it has its origin in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It consists of flattened rice and several vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes and onions, then garnished with curry leaves to bring out the aroma. It is finally served with coriander leaves, lemon juice and green chillies for a spicy taste.

3. Palak Puri

Unlike the regular puris that are deep-fried in your kitchen, Palak Puris from Madhya Pradesh are more nutritious and healthier and can be served during breakfast and lunch. The special puris are prepared by mixing wheat flour and the smooth texture of spinach leaves and then deep-fried like roti. For being the delicious and healthy food items, puris are cooked by almost every woman in their household in MP. You can eat it with aloo ki sabzi, pickles and raita. The different parts of the state like, Jabalpur is popular for Palak Puri.

4. Biryani Pilaf

Bhopal is full of people who are fond of eating Mughlai food. And biryani Pilaf is one of those dishes in the city. The major ingredient of this recipe is Mutton. The dish is served with zarda, a popular South Asian dessert prepared by rolling rice in sugar, milk and food colouring. This sweet dish is garnished with almonds, raisins, pistachios, saffron and cardamom which add the taste to the overall dish. When you visit Madhya Pradesh, do not miss to taste this finger-licking delicacy.

5. Mawa Bati

Mawa Bati is a typical sweet found only in Madhya Pradesh. It looks similar to gulab jamun, but is relatively larger, crisper, and has a finer texture and more sweetness. Baati is made from mawa flour which is mixed with dry fruits and then rolled into balls. These balls are then deep-fried and then dipped in sugar syrup. In some places of MP, Mawa Bati is served with crushed coconut powder. This dessert is prepared during occasions, weddings, and events days.

6. Chakki Ki Shaak

Inspired by Rajasthani cuisine, chakki ki shaak involves steamed flour dipped in spicy gravy. But, often served as a side dish on a thali during festive occasions. It can be eaten directly or with a bowl of yoghurt. Chakki ki Shake is very famous in Indore, and you will also like it once you try it.

7. Bhopali Gosht Korma

This is the perfect cuisine for non-vegetarian people. Inspired by the Nawabi kitchen, it is made from mutton, with spicy Indian gravy, which will need to cook well. This is a famous dish of Bhopal, as the name suggests, you can find it all over the city.

8. Daal Bafla

Influenced by the Rajasthani delicacy daal bati, Daal Bafla is a famous traditional food in MP. For Dal Bafla, the dough is prepared using wheat and then shaped into balls called bafla. These balls are then cooked until they become crisp and finally dipped into desi ghee. The recipe is incomplete without a bowl of spicy daal and coriander chutney.  It is rich in vitamins, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. You can serve it with a pickle for a tangy twist. You can find it all across the state, while Bhopal offers one of the yummier Daal Bafla.

Wrap UP

The diversity of food varies by community living in MP, which includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

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