Being the most visited country in India, Gujarat has become popular over the world. It offers an array of diverse attractions and destinations. In addition, its adequate health infrastructure, high-tech technologies, prominent communication facilities, and safety and security make Gujarat a preferred place in India.

Owing to its rich heritage, traditional costumes, festivals and mouth-watering cuisines, people from different parts of the world come here to experience something new.

The people here have different expertise in cooking different styles of food and dishes, which is a perfect blend of Indian varieties and Gujarati touch. If you plan a trip to Gujarat, do not miss to taste the traditional Gujarati food. Following are some of the most favourable, unique, and delicious Gujarati food.

Traditional Gujarati Food that you can’t miss

1. Khandvi


First of all, we have Khandvi, on this list of traditional food of Gujarat. It is prepared using gram flour and buttermilk and then it is rolled. These rolls are blended with little spices and roasted sesame seeds. Since garnished with cumin, curry leaves, coconut, and mustard, this delicious food can enhance your taste buds.

Even though it is eaten by all, undoubtedly this traditional food is a bit difficult to prepare, especially with the right consistency of batter & amount of ingredients. Khandvi also known as Surlichya Vadya in Mumbai, Maharashtra is a popular food among Maharashtrians and Gujaratis equally. Khandvi can be a delicious evening snack and a perfect breakfast as it is pleasant to the tongue and lightens the stomach.

2. Khaman

Khaman, Sponge Bite is a delicious, as well as healthy snack prepared from crushed lentils and chickpea flour. Widely known as dhokla, the batter used for khaman is boiled with salt, baking soda and turmeric to make it spongy, light and fluffy. Then garnish with coriander leaves, mustard seeds, chopped onion and sev and finally cut into cubes so that you can serve easily. Upgraded version of the Khaman includes Nylon Khaman, Ameri Khaman, and Masala Khaman.

3. Undhiyu

Undhiyu is the quintessential Gujarati traditional food, also known as the king of Gujarati cuisine. It gets its name from the traditional Gujarati kama undhu, meaning on its head. It is a special winter dish cooked with common ingredients, including potatoes, crunchy muthias, brinjals, beans, bananas, green peas with coconut, buttermilk and some sort of spices, prepared in an inverted earthen pot. Especially at Gujarati weddings and other occasions, Undhiyu is served with Shrikhand and Poori.

4. Theplas

Thepla is a real companion when Gujaratis travel for business trips, abroad, or going for long drives and picnics. This breakfast yet traditional food is prepared with whole wheat flour, gram flour, spices and fresh fenugreek leaves. Look like roti, these flatbreads are delicious as well as a healthy choice for breakfast and evening snacks with a cup of tea. You can serve it with pickle, fresh curd, or chundo (a mixture of sweet, spices and raw mango). Along with fenugreek, you can add other varieties, including radish and palak to make it tastier and healthier.

5. Fafda Jalebi

Fafda Jalebi is a guilty-pleasure food; simply saying, being deep-fried food, you can cheat on your health for one day by eating this traditional Gujarati snack. Jalebi is a fried sweet crunchy snack dipped in sugar and made from wheat flour, while Fafda is a mouth-watering fried dough snack.

The delicious combination of these two imparts a taste of salt, spicy and crunchy when you take a bite. Your taste buds will open to heaven with this food blend of fried chillies or dried papaya chutney. When you go to Gujarat, you will find that Fafda Jalebi has been sold on every street corner here. Especially on weekends, there are crowds and huge queues outside Farsan’s shop to buy this snack.

6. Sev Tameta nu Shak

Sev Tameta Nu Shak is a salty, crunchy, sweet, tangy, pungent vegetable prepared from Sev and Tomatoes. Chopped onions and tomatoes are sautéed in spices and oil and steamed to make this traditional Gujarati dish. Then serve and garnish it with freshly chopped green coriander. It’s crunchy, quick to cook and easy to eat with a mix of texture, colour and flavour. You can eat it with theplas, parathas or chapatis.

7. Mohanthal

Mohanthal is another traditional Gujarati recipe made in every household of Gujarat with a different touch. Prepared from sweet gram flour and garnished with cardamom, saffron and dry fruits like pistachios and almonds. According to Hindu culture, Mohanthal is the favourite sweet of Lord Krishna, and hence it is made during the festival of Janmashtami. However, some people prepare this dish to satisfy their desire to eat something sweet. It can be commonly found in all sweets shops of Gujarat and its various regions.

Wrap Up!

Gujarati culture, festivals and even cuisine can have a great influence on the different cultures of India. Mentioned above are some of the traditional dishes that make them different from other dishes.

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