Assam is one of the most beautiful states of India. Apart from beauty, the state is also known for its famous cuisines. You will love to taste or have a bite of the delicious food items that are available in this state. If you are foodies or have a passion to try different foods, you must plan to come to Assam. The mouth watering dishes of this state have always attracted people from all over the country. It has a great tourist attraction and every year a lot of people come to this state for exploring its beauty and cuisines.

Some best traditional foods of Assam:

In this part, you will learn about some of the best and tasty foods of Assam. It will be good to know about it and try it once in your lifetime. The Language of this state is quite different and unique.

Traditional Food Of Assam

ParorMangxo: It is one of the most traditional foods of this state. If you haven’t taste pigeon meat it is better to try with this item. Pigeon meat is one of the best ones that can keep your body warm during the winter months. ParorMangxo is prepared and made with pigeon meat. Banana flowers which is the bud of the banana plant is soaked and used in this item. It enhances the taste of the food to a considerable extent.

Masortenga: It is another traditional item of this state. In Assamese Tenga means sour. The most favorite items such as tomatoes, lemon and raw mango is used while making this item. If you once taste this food, you will never love to have any other ones in the future.

Duck Meat Curry: Duck meat curry is another traditional cuisine of this state that is prepared with all types of spicy items. It is usually prepared with all sorts of sesame, pumpkin, lentil and many more items. If you are in Assam you must try to have this food. It is usually served with rice. When served with hot and steamed rice, you will love to grab it.

Silkworm: You must try this silkworm of Assam. It is prepared with some spicy items. The larvae are stirred with all types of spices. It will give you crispy flavor. You can take it as a side dish. In most of the cases, they are served in various hotels and restaurants.

Apart from this, this state has a good number of dessert items. You must also try it in the best possible manner. Pitha is also a common dessert item of this state. You will get all types of Pitha in a number of ways.

GoorerPayesh is another most famous dessert that is available in Assam. You will love to have a taste of the goorerpayesh of this state. They come with some amazing tastes. It is also served with some dry fruits and other nuts. You must try it once during your stay in Assam.

On the other hand, NarikolPitha is another popular sweet dish that is available on Assam. You must try to have a bite of this food and dish. They are also available in fried form. You will love to have it in Assam.

NarikolNaru is another traditional and dessert. You will get in white and brown form. The white ones are much tastier than the brown ones. They are made in round shape.

It is now clear that with the help of this study that Assam has a wide variety of dishes and each of them come in a different flavor and taste. You must try to have it.

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