Delhi’s tasty food can bring anyone to their knees. Delhi has something for everyone, from the roadside chhole bhatura to Karim Restaurant’s more refined (though no less yummy) fare. Foodies in the city are delighted by the range of available food. Fans of South Indian cuisine flock to Saravana Bhavan, while those in a Punjabi mood head to any of the numerous dhabas that dot the city. And what can one say about Bikanerwala?

Indians, and the world over, are crazy about spicy food tinged with traditional spices. In Delhi, however, there is much more to food than its taste. Food also plays an essential role in uniting people from all walks of life on common grounds; it’s also a big part of our culture.

List of Traditional Foods of Delhi

Here are our top picks for traditional dishes that every Delhi resident will love and a few recommendations on where they can be found.

1. Paranthas

Paranthas are a traditional meal to start your day with healthier and yummiest food. Many people in Delhi love to start their day with Paranthas and their favorite Chutney. Also, it can be stuffed with vegetables such as potatoes, onions, eggs, or many others alternatively and made without any filling. One can try making this dish at their home or can also enjoy it at many famous restaurants. The best place to try varieties of Paranthas at Chandni chowk Pranthae wali Gali with a variety of stuffings at a very affordable price.

2. Chhole Bhature

Chhole Bhature

Chhole Bhature is a favorite to everyone. This dish is rich in spices and taste. These can be easily made at home without much effort. Chole bhature is very tasty and refreshing to eat. This dish can be enjoyed in the morning as breakfast and also in the evening. Its taste is very delicious and can be enjoyed by anyone easily. Its Crispy, crunchy Bhature is mouth-watering with chhole and green chilies. The best way to make it is by using the traditional recipe with minimum oil. The other way is to buy a readymade one from the market or the shop.

3. Golgappe

Golgappas is another favorite street food, especially among females. This can be enjoyed in the market with different flavours, water, and chutney. The best place to enjoy this dish with zero oil and minimum spices is at Baljeet Gali. One can also have it at Chandni chock and with a lot more variety of traditional charts. This dish has different names according to its region. In Mumbai, it is called pain puri, and in Kolkata, it is called puchka. You may be anywhere in Delhi you will find a golgappa stall near you. However, after having golgappas, you must not forget to ask for a piece of paper.

4. Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is traditional food and a favorite of all chicken lovers. This dish is made by using butter and whole spices. This can be tried at restaurants like Karim Restaurant, Moti Mahal, and many others. Do you know that this dish first originated in Moti Mahal? This can be tried with Naan Roti or Rice. It has the sweet taste of Orange color gravy with soft chicken tikkas. One can also enjoy this in their own home by trying the recipe of Butter chicken in different food recipe styles. If you want to try this dish, it will be available in any non-vegetarian restaurant.

5. Kulfi Faluda

If you have lived in Delhi for a long time, you may be familiar with kulfi faluda. This is a sweet dish and has a different taste. This dish is tasty and is enjoyed by everyone after the meal. You can have this at places like shops, streets or any other site. You can also enjoy this dish with different servings of kulfi faluda, ice cream, jalebi, or so many flavours, and you will surely love to eat it with all the flavours. It can be a great sweet dish for all the foodies out there in Delhi.

6. Kebabs

Another best street food from the time of nawabs is Kebabs in Delhi. You can have this in many outlets like streets or other places. You can enjoy this with kebab or with onion parantha. This dish is very friendly and delicious, and most people like its taste. It will be a great thing to enjoy this in your home with all your friends. This is a great dish; you should try it at home and eat it. You can enjoy them with the Lehsoon-Tamatar chutney or with your favorite one.

Wrap Up!

Delhi’s culture is as rich as its food. Food brings people of all walks of life together in this vast city. From the roadside Kebabs to the refined cuisine at Karim Restaurant, Delhiites love various food. Delhi’s culture and its food are spicy, colorful, and full of spice. So choose any dish from the list above and enjoy great flavors in every bite.

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