Chattisgarh is one of the most famous places that is known for its temples. The state has some embarking and mind-blowing national parks and other areas. You must come to this place and enjoy it to the fullest. However, there are other things for which this place is known. Chattisgarh and its traditional foods are the most famous ones. If you are from Chattisgarh, you must try its traditional foods. They are so tasty that you would love to taste it once in your lifetime. It also comes with some tribal foods who are the traditional people of this state.

Get a glimpse of the traditional foods of Chhattisgarh:

Traditional Food Of Chhattisgarh

It will be good to learn about the traditional foods of Chhattisgarh. A small glimpse of the foods will help you learn to more about it.

  • Aamat is one of the most traditional food of Chhattisgarh. It is made with mixed vegetables and bamboo shoot. You will definitely love to have this food while you are at Chhattisgarh. It is nothing but a tribal food that is mostly available in the kitchen’s of this state. This meal is mostly prepared when guests arrive in their place. It comes with an aromatic flavor which is good.
  • Bafauri is another traditional food that is taken as a snack item of this state. It is a nutritious item that is served with a chutney. It is made by adding various vegetables. You will get the taste of various mixed vegetables in Bafauri. The vegetables are pressed and given a round shape. It is then fried in less oil Now you will have it with tea or any other items. You must try to have it.
  • Chhattisgarh is also known for various bhajiyas. The bhajiyas come with some amazing taste for which people love it. You can get various types of bhajiyas that are available in various hotels and restaurants. It is made with cauliflowers, brinjals, tomatoes and several other items.
  • Chousela is also another traditional food item that is available in Chhattisgarh. It is made with wheat which is nicely kneaded. Then they given the shape of the chousela. It is then fried in oil. They become fluffy and you will love to have a bite of this item.
  • Have you ever heard about farra. It is also known by the name of pitha. If you are in Chattisgarh you must have tried the farra. The Bengal gram is soaked for the entire night and then blended with garlic and ginger. This mixture is now mixed with wheat. It is given the shape of a ball. The aroma that comes after this, is just outstanding. You can have it small balls and shapes.
  • Khurmi is another food that is available during the Pola festival. Pola is the festival that is done when the farmers worship with their bulls. It is a sweet item which is made with jaggery. The jaggery helps to enhance the taste of the item to a great extent.

So, you can easily reveal from the above-discussion that Chhattisgarh is a place of some great food items.

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