What if you Have Booked a Ticket From IRCTC Website But Have Still not Received EMail or SMS?

In a few cases, when you book tickets through the IRCTC website, you will either not get the details of the travel at all, or you will get the details several hours after the ticket has been booked. Let us see what are the options available to you if you book your ticket through the railway website but do not get the ticket through SMS or email

What is IRCTC Booking SMS?

Before getting into the details of the options that are available to you in case you haven’t received an SMS about your ticket from IRCTC, you should know what is the booking SMS that is being talked about here. After you book a ticket from the website, you get a message from the ticketing site which contains important information about the travel. Information contained includes date of travel, PNR, name of the person traveling, class and coach number, seat number, place of journey, time, amongst other things. You also receive an email. This information is a prerequisite for every travel.

How Can you Get the SMS if You Haven’t Received it at the Time of Booking?

Sometimes due to technical errors at the end of the IRCTC website, you might not receive the email or SMS which comprise of all the important details of the train travel. Poor internet connectivity also leads to the websites inability in helping you get all the necessary sms or emails that are required for travel. If you do not have the details at the time of booking, you need not worry. You can still get the ticket details on SMS or through email. The following is how and what you need to do for the same:


One option available is that you can login to the IRCTC website once again. Post that, you can go into the space which shows booking history. When you click on that window, you again get an option which says “Get SMS”. This time you should get the desired details of your travel

Thus, as seen above, there is no cause of worry if you are unable to get the tickets through SMS or email at the time of the booking itself. It is quite possible that you will get it after a few hours. However, if you still haven’t got it, the process of getting the same is quite easy, as we can see above.

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