Indian Railways Reservation Booking Enquiry Online – How to Do It?

Gone are the days when you had to visit the railway station to make a reservation booking enquiry. Today, everything is online available and you can make the booking enquiry online as well. This has certainly made all the process easy as well as transparent. If you wish to check the availability of seat or if you wish to make the reservation booking enquiry online then this article is specifically for you as we have listed the process here.

It should be noted that with the new IRCTC portal, it is not required for you to login to the portal or to have the IRCTC account to check the same. Simply follow the process listed below.

Steps for Making Indian Railways Reservation Booking Enquiry Online

IRCTC Portal – To make any reservation booking enquiry, you would have to visit the IRCTC portal at This is the official IRCTC portal and it is also one of the most reliable portals.

Journey Details – On the homepage of the portal, you will notice a section for Book Your Train. You need to enter the details in this section to find the trains for yourself. So, enter Source and Destination Station. Do not forget to enter the date of the journey as well. You can check the column for Flexible with Dates. Once that is done, click on the button below the section to get search results.

Shortlisting Train – Now a list of trains will be displayed on your screen and you need to select the train in which you travel. You can choose various criteria to select the train. It is always better to opt for Super-Fast Trains as your travel time reduces significantly.

Checking Availability – After shortlisting the train, click on Check Availability and fair. Once you click on this button, you will be able to get the results for the reservation booking enquiry. You will have the information about the number of seats available on the train and you can proceed with the booking by logging in to the portal.

This is the process to make the reservation booking enquiry online. If in case, you are stuck at some step or if you need any help then you call the IRCTC helpline at 139. In addition to this, you can make the booking online if you have the desired availability in the desired train.

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