IRCTC Wallet: How to Register for New IRCTC eWallet and Make Payment

IRCTC has launched a new website recently and it added many new features to the website. Some of the new features added to the website includes checking the seat availability without logging in, booking meals and many such amazing features. One of the new feature introduced by the IRCTC also includes IRCTC e-Wallet and you can use this wallet specifically to book tickets. You can easily load up the money in the e-wallet and use it while booking the tickets. In addition to this, you can get an easy refund on cancellation if you use e-wallet.

Here, in this article, we have listed the process to register for IRCTC eWallet and the process to make payments using IRCTC eWallet.

Steps to IRCTC eWallet Registration
  • To register for the IRCTC eWallet, you need to visit the IRCTC Portal and then you need to login to the portal with your IRCTC Next Generation Login Details. This needs to be done before you register for IRCTC eWallet.
  • On the portal, you need to navigate to IRCTC eWallet and once you take your mouse on this menu option, a drop-down menu will be displayed. Click on IRCTC eWallet Register Now Option from the drop-down menu.


  • You will be taken to a new page where you will have to verify your identity. This can be done by verifying your Aadhaar or PAN details. There will be a charge of Rs 50+ Taxes for the registration of the eWallet but this is just a one-time charge.
  • After the validation is complete, you will be asked to create a transaction password. This is a mandatory step and you would need this transaction password while making the payment from the IRCTC eWallet.
  • In the last step, you will be asked to make the payment of Registration fee and as mentioned earlier, the one-time registration fee is Rs 50 + taxes. Post payment, the IRCTC e-Wallet will be activated for you.

You have now created your IRCTC eWallet but do you know how to add the money to the e-wallet and make the payment of the tickets from the e-wallet? Well, if you are not aware of the process then do not worry as below is the process for adding money and paying via eWallet.

Steps to Load Money in IRCTC eWallet
  • You need to visit the IRCTC portal again and login to the IRCTC Portal.
  • Now again navigate to the IRCTC eWallet option and you will notice a link to deposit money. Click on the link and you will be taken to a new page.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to deposit keeping in mind that the minimum deposit amount is Rs 100 and the maximum deposit amount is Rs 10,000.
  • Make the payment using the payment portal and you are done. The money has now been added to the IRCTC eWallet.
Steps to Make Payment via IRCTC eWallet
  • To make the payment via IRCTC e-wallet, select the usual flow for booking the ticket. Everything remains the same until the payment page.
  • From the payment option, you need to select IRCTC eWallet. The portal will take you to a new page where you need to enter the transaction password.
  • The payment is made once the transaction password has been entered by you and the ticket will be booked.

One thing that you must take care of is that the ticket amount should be less than the amount available in the IRCTC eWallet or else you will not be able to make the payment via IRCTC eWallet. Lastly, never share your passwords with anyone.

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