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Ask Disha

Today the organization are driven by the customers and more organizations are becoming customer-centric after all, the ultimate success mantra is serving the customer in the best possible way. IRCTC is the sole organization in India who manages the Indian Railways but it still thinks about its customers. IRCTC believes in enhancing the customer experience by offering them innovative and user-friendly solutions. One such step was taken by IRCTC recently was the launch of IRCTC Next Gen Portal. This portal has now changed the way we used to book rail tickets.

IRCTC AskDisha – Online Chat Support System

Ask Disha

Another such gesture by Indian Railways is to introduce ‘Ask Disha’ for the customers. Now your first question may be what Ask Disha is. Well, we will answer all your questions one by one now.

What is Ask Disha?

Ask Disha is a chatbot service introduced by IRCTC and this is powered by Artificial Intelligence. The main idea behind introducing Ask Disha is to offer a better experience to Customers. The chatbot is designed to chat in natural language with the customers with a lot of ease and answer their queries. In future, IRCTC will also add voice support for multiple languages which will be offered via IRCTC App on Android

What are the Benefits of Ask Disha?

Ask Disha will certainly enhance the user experience as the customer will be able to get the answers of their query without having to indulge with customer care line. This offers instant discount and moreover, this also reduces the customer stress as they get the exact information they are looking for. The best is that the support will be available in multiple languages and hence it will be easy to get the information.

Ask Disha will not only share information about the procedure but it will also be able to get the PNR Status, Train Running Status and other such important information with the customers with just a simple question.

How to Use Ask Disha?

There are two ways to use Ask Disha. The first one is to simply visit and on the right bottom corner, you will notice an icon for Ask Disha. Click on the icon and a window will pop-up. Enter the query in the search box and type the question that you have. Once that is done, click on Ask and the answer to your question will be displayed.

The second way to use this is to update the IRCTC Android App and use it via the app. You can go ahead and use the voice support as well. If the voice support is not available in your region yet then you might have to wait for some time until the support is available.

This is the first version of Ask Disha made available for the people and hence there would certainly be a lot of enhancements coming in near future. You can stay tuned to IRCTC website and you will surely get a very good experience.

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