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India has the world’s fourth largest railway network and in many states of India, railways are the primary mode of transport that people use in their everyday life. The main reason the Indian railway is so much popular is that they are cheaper in comparison to others. They are safe to travel and connect to every corner of India. Also, we Indians love to travel on rails. Due to modern technology and digitization, it is possible to track your train route and to track how much time is left in the journey. Other than that, IRTC has launched their new website that you can use to check the train timings, available seats, fares and other information that you usually get after visiting the train station.

Unlike the previous website of the IRCTC, this time they had made many changes in their new site. Now passengers can directly check all the trains that are offering service between particular stations. In case they have missed their train they can check the timing of the next train running at the same track. Individuals can book their tickets online without standing in the long queue of the station. Visit for ticket booking.

If you have a confirmed reservation train ticket and for some reasons you are unable to travel, or you might be changing the dates of your traveling, Indian Railway authorities allow you to transfer your confirmed reservation train ticket to your family member or someone else. Isn’t it good? You can save the money that you might have wasted because of a change in plans or sue to some urgency. The option of transferring your reserved train ticket to someone else can help the individuals who are desperately trying to get the ticket of the train that you were supposed to be traveling. Not only will this but it also saves the train seat from getting wasted.

So, if you want to know how you can transfer your ticket to someone else in case you are unable to travel.

=> Below are the guideline from the authorities Indian Railways, world’s fourth largest railway network, which will allow you to transfer your reserved train ticket to someone else. Or read the guidelines directly from the website if the Indian railway by clicking here

=> The statement released by the Indian railways, states that at the major stations the Chief Reservation Supervisor officers are commissioned by the Railway Administration to allow the change the name of the passenger from the seat or berth reserved in his name.

=> For all the government servants proceeding to their work can transfer their tickets easily with a written request that they need to submit 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of the train. They can make a request to change the original name of the traveler on the ticket in the name of the person who is supposed to travel at their place.

=> With the help of written request 24 hours prior to the expected departure time of the train, a passenger can easily transfer their confirmed train ticket to the other member of their family. This can help them to save the money when there is a change in plan.

=> If you are a student from a recognized University or any other recognized educational institute. The train tickets can be transferred easily when the head of the College or University makes a request 48 hours before the expected departure of the train. Not to mention the application is needed to be in written form. The head of the institute can ask the authorities in their written request to change the student name with the name of another student of the same college who is going to travel on that particular train journey.

=> If a group of passengers is traveling to attend a wedding function, the head of the family can make a written request 48 prior the departure time of the train. They can ask to change the name of the reserved ticket with the name of the person who is on his way to attend the function.

=> A group of young armed trainees of National Cadet Corps can also avail this service. If you are the one with a confirmed ticket from the National Cadet Corps, but need to transfer your ticket to any other member of cadet. The head officer of your Cadet group can make a written request 24 hours prior the departure of the train.

Now you know how you can transfer your reserved train ticket to someone else. Although, you must remember that Indian Railway only allows this service once. So make your choices carefully.

To make their passenger travel experience more pleasant Indian railway is continuously making efforts. Request for change is undoubtedly the effort that we can see. Now anytime you want to request changes you know how you can do it.

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