How To Sign Up and Sign In for IRCTC Next Generation Website?

If you have been through the new website of the IRCTC then you would have noticed that the interface has been changed. The Login Pane is no more visible. The primary reason for this is that there is now no need to login to the IRCTC account to avail various service. What we mean is that you can now avail services like Checking Availability of the Train Ticket and Booking a Meal without having to Login.

There are some changes to the process and to help you with the changes, we have listed the new process to irctc new account open and sign in for the IRCTC Next Generation Website. The process for irctc registration demo is listed below.

Steps to Sign Up for IRCTC Next Generation Website

IRCTC Website – This is the first basic step that you need to follow to sign up to any website. So, visit the IRCTC website at to begin the registration process for IRCTC.

Register Button – On the homepage of the website, you need to look out for the Register Button. If you are not able to find the button then let us tell you that this button is located on top of the page and it is just adjoining to the Login Button. Click on this Register Button and you will now automatically be redirected to the registration page.


Filling the Registration Form – On the registration page, you will have to fill in all the important and mandatory details. Without this, you will not be able to proceed. Enter all personal information along with the mobile number, email address, username and password. Ensure that you verify the username is available and the password should meet the norms. Submit the form and you will be taken back to the homepage.


Validating Account – Now, you have to validate the account to activate it. So from the homepage, login to the account and you will be taken to the validation page automatically. On this page, you need to complete the OTP validation for a mobile number and email address. Post validation, the account activation process will be complete.

After submitting the registration form, if you are not able to find the login button then do not worry as below are the steps to login on the IRCTC Next Gen Website.

Steps to Sign In on IRCTC Next Generation Website

IRCTC Website – To login to the IRCTC website, again, visit the IRCTC website. The link for the same is listed above.

Login Space – Now, click on the login button on this homepage and the Login Button is on the top of the page. It would be listed just below the address bar. A window will appear on your screen and you would have to enter the User Name, Password and Captcha Code in this window. You can also opt for OTP authentication. Click on login button now and you will be now be logged in.

The only difference that you will notice after logging in is that the login button on top of the page will now be replaced with the name of the user.

This was the process to sign up and sign in for IRCTC Next Gen Website. If you already have an account then you can simply sign in to the website but if you do not have an account then you can sign up for the website. In addition to this, you can reset your password if you are not able to recall the password. Just remember that you would need a unique email address and unique mobile number to sign up for IRCTC website as you can’t use the one which is already registered.

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