IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Timing For AC and Sleeper Class

What is IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Timing for AC and Sleeper Class for 2022-23? – Tatkal Ticket provides a provision for the passengers to book the ticket a day before the date of the journey for a small premium. This is a blessing for the people who need to travel in case of an emergency and who are not able to get a ticket in general quota because of the wait list. A few months ago, the government changed the rules and regulations governing Tatkal Ticket and at the same time, they also introduced Premium Tatkal.

The step was taken to curb the misuse of the facility and to curb the sale of the ticket on the black market. In this article, we have listed the timings for the booking of Tatkal ticket along with some important rules and regulations. Here is more information about the same.

Timings for Tatkal Ticket Booking

As per the information available, there is a specific window available for Tatkal Booking online or offline is same.

  1. For AC Classes: The Tatkal booking for AC classes opens at 10:00 AM one day in advance of the actual date of journey.
  2. For Non-AC Classes: The Tatkal booking for non-AC classes opens at 11:00 AM one day in advance of the actual date of journey.

In both AC and Non-AC, you can book Tatkal Ticket only a day before the actual date of journey.

There are also strict restrictions on the tickets being booked by the agents so as to avoid the cornering of tickets and so that the general public can avail the benefit of the facility.

Charges for Tatkal Booking

There had also been a revision of charges for Tatkal Ticket and you can refer to the table listed below for the charges. In addition to this, there is an additional tax on the booking of the ticket.

Class Minimum Charge Maximum Charge
Non AC Seating Rs 10 Rs 15
Non AC Sleeper Rs 100 Rs 200
AC Seating Rs 125 Rs 225
AC Seating Executive Rs 400 Rs 500
AC 3 Tier Rs 300 Rs 400
AC 2 Tier Rs 400 Rs 500

These were the charges for Tatkal Booking that you would have to pay in addition to the ticket amount. Apart from this, you must know that the charges are dependent on the distance and there is a range of charges given in each class.

Cancellation Charges for Tatkal Booking

This is one major change in the new system and if you have a confirmed Tatkal Ticket then you must brace for the impact if you need to cancel the ticket. This is because the cancellation of Tatkal Ticket has 100% cancellation charge and you do not get any refund for the cancellation of confirmed ticket.

The only time when you get a partial or full refund is when the train is delayed by 3 hours or if the train has been diverted or if the coach has not been attached to the train. In addition to this, the refund is also given if the passenger has been given a lower class and if the passenger decides to cancel his ticket.

If the ticket remains in RAC or Waitlist then the passenger is given a refund and the ticket is auto-cancelled. This is applicable in case of e-ticket and i-ticket. Moreover, if you have a counter ticket then you need to visit the counter for a refund.

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