Andhra Pradesh is always known as the “Food Bowl of India”. In 1965, Andhra Pradesh was merged with Telegu speaking state. Together they were known as Telangana. This state is always known for its heritage and culture. It is a great tourist destination. The state has several temples and religious places for which it attracts a lot of tourists. You must know that this state is known for its silk and textile work. Most of the famous sarees come from this state. The state is also renowned for its dresses. The traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh is recognized and loved by many people.

Both men and women have unique dresses making them look different and beautiful from the other ones. Their attires appear simple but they have a decency and beautiful look. Most people look great in traditional dress. If you glance at their weddings, you will find that everyone wears colorful dresses. This adds extra flavor and beauty to the event. However, men prefer to wear everything in white. They look handsome in this dress.

Traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh for men:

Let us explore and look at the traditional dress of men in Andhra Pradesh. Dhoti and Kurta are the primary dress of men in Andhra Pradesh. The dhoti or dhotee is a long white piece of cloth wrapped from the waist and put inside both legs. The dhoti should be ankle length or till the knees. It is mostly found in white color. A kurta is worn with the dhoti. It is found in cotton material. The kurta is a half sleeve. It may be of different color or as per their choice. Some people also prefer wearing T-shirts with the dhoti.

On the other hand, it is found that most men also wear lungi with shirts. A lungi is a cotton long cloth found in various colors and designs. They are wrapped from the waist. You must have seen that Muslim men wear lungis with pajamas. In addition to this, they wear a cap on the head. In Andhra Pradesh, men prefer wearing cotton clothes. It may be lungi or a dhotee. Some people wear pajamas with lungis. The quality or the design of the dhotee changes during the wedding and festive seasons. Men wear silk dhotees during those times.

Traditional Dress of Andhra Pradesh with Pictures [For Men & Women]

Traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh for women:

You must now be interested to know about the traditional dress of women in Andhra Pradesh. Women prefer wearing colorful traditional attires throughout their life. Langa Voni is one of the ordinary traditional women attire in Andhra Pradesh. It consists of a long skirt, a blouse, and a dupatta. The dupatta is wrapped from the waist. It will almost look like a saree, and its pallu. The skirts are very colorful and well-designed. They are found in silk and cotton material. You can choose it accordingly as per your choice.

Apart from all this, many women prefer to wear sarees. Andhra Pradesh is known for its beautiful and traditional sarees. You will get various qualities of sarees. In addition to sarees the women prefer wearing traditional jewelries. They are heavy and well-designed. Pochampally is one of the traditional sari of Andhra Pradesh. It is manufactured in a small village in Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh. The sari is colorful and made of good-quality silk. It is found in vibrant colors. This is because the people of this state love bright colors. The sarees are also designed with traditional looks. Dharmavaram is another common sari of Andhra Pradesh that is worn by the womens during many occasions. It is manufactured in Anantpur. This sari is worn by the women during their marriage ceremonies.

You can also find girls wearing Uppada sarees. These are sarees made of pure silk. They have beautiful designs and looks. They are crafted in cotton fabric and adorned with silver, and golden zari works. You must have also heard about Gadwal sarees. It is one of the famous saris of Andhra Pradesh. The length of the sarees remains 6 yards. Blouses are worn with sarees which come till mid-torso. Women also wear a petticoat under the saree. They are used to put or hold the saree.

Lambadi is one of the ancient tribes of Andhra Pradesh. The men of this tribe wear dhoti and kurta, but women wear a typical dress. They wear an ankle-length skirt, a blouse, and a dupatta. These dresses are much vibrant and have heavy mirror work on the skirts.


Thus, you can find that the people of Andhra Pradesh wear colorful dresses. However, with the impact of western culture, you may find many people trying new attires and styles, but most people stick and try maintaining their original culture and attires. This is why the country is rich in heritage.

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