Arunachal Pradesh is said to be a land of tribes. You will get about 25 tribes and 100 sub-tribes in this region. The place is known for its extraordinary natural beauty. Every year people from various parts of the country and world accumulate to this state to explore its natural beauty. The tribal people have been residing in this place for a long period. It is their land. The tribal people have their own set of cultures and heritage. They are strict in maintaining its culture. When it comes to clothing the tribes try to keep the dress code of their ancestors.

The tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh are specialize in weaving. They prefer to weave many items. You will get many people engaged with import and export of these goods. It is because of them, you can get many weaving industries growing in this region. The raw materials required for manufacturing anything are taken from goats’ hair, human hair, and bark of trees. Everything is natural. Each tribe of Arunachal Pradesh has a different clothing style and traditions. No two will match with anyone. They try to maintain the dress code.

Traditional Dress of Men & Women in Arunachal Pradesh

The dress of men in Arunachal Pradesh differs from tribe to tribe. Let’s have a look at the tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Sherdukpen Tribe:

Sherdukpen Tribe

The male of this tribe prefers to wear sleeveless silk material with shoulders. The costume comes to the knee length. The dress of the tribe is silk material and has a skull cap. It is fully decorated with yak’s hair. It is worn on the top of the head.

The women of this tribe prefer to wear collarless and sleeveless dresses till knee length. In addition to this, they wear a waistcoat. Women make a bun on the backside of the hair. This makes them look beautiful.

  • Tangsa Tribe:

Tangsa Tribe

The male of this tribe wear a dress that is similar to the Burmese dress. They wear a green color cap which is spun in white, yellow, and red color yarn. They also wear a sleeveless shirt with the upper garment. This is a mandatory dress for the male members.

On the other hand, women wear a petticoat-like dress that is nicely oven. You will love to wear it. They wear a linen blouse with a skirt. Women prefer to wear various ornaments with their apparel.

  • Miji Tribe:

Miji Tribe

The male members of this tribe are very strict about their dresses. They wear long dresses like women. They also prefer wearing ornaments with their dresses.

The women of this tribe wear a dress that has an elegant and simple look. They wear numerous accessories that fit well with their dress. They wear a long cloak with big earrings and necklaces. They also wore woolen jackets that kept their body warm and comfortable. Their dresses are made from bearskin and cane skin. It keeps their body cozy and warm.

  • Adi Tribe:

Adi Tribe

The tribal people of this group reside in the sub-tropical regions of Upper Siang and Dibang valley. Both the men and women of this tribe wear woolen jackets to keep the body warm. The jackets are beautifully designed and have unique looks. The jackets and other dresses of this tribe are made from bearskin, deerskin, and cane skin. They specially weave it. Most of these jackets are heavy and have good embroidery works. They are also available in various colors. They wear long dresses with jackets.

  • The bridal dress of Arunachal Pradesh is beautiful. It is known as Baku. It is a loose-fitting blouse which is made of silk material. The blouse is tied with a belt on the saree. This makes the bride look much attractive and beautiful. On the other part, the groom is dressed in a long coat. They wear natural jewelries and stones. They also put a skull cap on the head, which is made of yak skin. Both the bride and groom look amazing in this dress. They wear traditional and unique jewelry to enhance the look to a great extent.
  • The jewelry of Arunachal Pradesh is remarkable regarding design and products. The jewelries consist of beads, colored birds feather, beetles, earrings, and bangles made of bamboo. Everything is made naturally. The tribes wear these jewelries for special occasions. In some cases, it is mandatory to wear these items.


Arunachal Pradesh is known for its tribes and their culture. Each tribe and their culture or heritage is fantastic. They always follow their culture and try to maintain it. If you have been to this land, you must try wearing their traditional apparel. It has a special significance in their minds. The gorgeous place of India is also noted for its attractive apparel. You will love to see the colorful attires worn by the local tribes of this region.

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