The culture and traditions of Bihar are ancient. This state is always known for its ancient civilizations and heritage. You must have always noticed that Bihar occupied a pivotal position in History. The residents of this state always focus on their culture and traditions. They observe various festivals and rituals throughout the year. The people of this state are kind-hearted. They love to make fun. This state is also known as the “Land of Buddha”. The emergence of Madhubani painting emerged from this state. The state allows and permits various religious festivals but is strict about its traditional dress and attire. You will get many people who follow and wear traditional clothing.

The whole state prefers wearing a bright and vibrant color dress and attires. It is applicable for both men and women. With time and fashion, you may find some changes in the dressing style, but, still many follow the early culture. The costume of Bihar is known for its handwoven style and textile. During the ancient period, people in Bihar followed a normal dressing system. Men used to wear dhotis and kurtas. Women wore sarees, which is their unique attire.

Traditional dress of men in Bihar:

Traditional dress of men in Bihar:

You must be interested in knowing about men’s traditional dress in Bihar. Dhoti and Kurta is the only conventional and ancient dress of Bihar. It is also known by the name of Dhoti Mirjai. It is worn by men of medium age. However, you may also find young men, wearing this dress during special occasions. During the festive seasons, men prefer to wear silk and good-quality Dhoti Mirjai. The traditional Sometimes it becomes to wear the Dhoti or lungi. This is why many men prefer wearing readymade dhotis. They are easy to wear, and people can wear them for an extended period.

Men in Bihar also wear Kurta and Pajama. It is one of the most comfortable wear that most men wear. Kurta is a loose shirt that is available till the knee length. It is available in cotton and silk material. You can also avail kurta embroidered with unique designs. During unique designs, you can try Kurtas made of silk and other materials. Pajamas are nothing but simple pants or trousers. If you wear the full dress, you will get the vibe of a traditional Bihari dress. Many men wear Sherwani during weddings and special occasions. It has two parts. The upper part comes to the knee length, while the lower part is the pajama or the pant. It is found in various materials.

Traditional dress of women in Bihar:

Traditional dress of women in Bihar

Women’s dress in Bihar is colorful and beautiful. A good percentage of Bihari women prefer to wear Sarees. It is available in various fabrics and colors. However, they love to wear bright color sarees. The saree’s pallu comes in the front portion over the left shoulder. It covers the upper part or portion of the body. The older women and the newly wedded bride cover their heads with the saris pallu. They also put red color sindoor on the head. This completes their look.

During the wedding, the women wear lehengas. It is available in various colors and styles. The lehengas have three parts. One is the top, the second is the long skirt, and the third is the dupatta. The dupatta is given to cover the upper part of the body. It is taken especially and tied with the skirt. You can get lehengas made of different designs and fabrics. You can go with the silk material if it is for the wedding,  .

Special occasions and festivals of Bihar:

Bihar celebrates many festivals. Some of them are popular and great for the Bihar natives. Chatth Puja is one of the renowned and famous festivals of Bihar. It is a Hindu festival that is performed to offer prayers to Lord Sun. The festival commences six days after Diwali. Goddess Parvati is worshipped as Chatth Devi from dawn to dusk. People observe fasting and offer their prayers. Sama Chakeva is another famous festival in this state. It is a festival marking the significance of brother –sister relationship. It is celebrated during the winter months when the birds from Himalayas fly to the plain land. The girls make an idol of the birds and offer prayers. After this, they perform Vidaai of the idol. They wish that these birds will come next year.

Shravan Mela is another reputed festival of this state. It is performed during July and August. The devotees who take part in this occasion are termed as Kanwaris.


Bihar is a great state that performs every festival with total dedication. The people of this state are lovely and prefer to try every festival. The dress code of this state is excellent, and they maintain the traditions of the ancestors. It is a good thing.

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